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Italy entered WWI in 1915 on the side of the Entente (Allies).

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Q: Why did Italy stay neutral during World War 1?
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Why did Sweden stay neutral during World War 2?

To stay safe and make money

Why did luxemburg stay neutral during World War 1?

they can not go to the bathroom

Did The US Try To Stay Neutral During World War 2?


What does it mean for a country to stay neutral?

to not pick a side in a world war! e.g Switzerland was neutral during world war 2, they did not help the allies or the axis

Why did the Us stay neutral in World War I?

The U.S. stayed neutral during the world war 1 because President Wilson thought that them being neutral could somehow end the war.

ON WHAT SIDE did Switzerland fight for during World War 2?

Switzerland did not fight on any side in during both world wars it chose to stay neutral.

Why did some countries stay neutral during world war 2?

Because it was in their own self interest.

How did countries stay neutral during World War 1?

They just didn't pick a side to fight for.

How did the US stay neutral during World War 1?

because the felt like it they thought it was too dangerous.

How did the us stay neutral during the battle of Britain?

by not going into conflict with britian or any other country they did try to stay neutral

How long did the US stay neutral during World War 1?

U.S. stayed neutral for most of the war they only fought for one year and ended the war

How was Switzerland involved in war world 2?

Switzerland was neither in the Axis or the Allies during World War 2. Switzerland wanted to stay completely neutral. And to stay neutral, they would shot any planes that belonged to the Allies and Axis Powers that flew over Switzerland,

Why did the united states try to stay neurtral during world war 1?

The United States tried to stay neutral in World War 1 because they did not want problems. This when wrong and they got in the middle of it.

Why was it difficult for the United States to stay neutral during the part of world war 1?

because Germany sank US ships

Did Austria stay neutral during World War 2?

From 1938-1945 Austria was a part of Germany and of course fought as a part of Germany in World War 2.

Did Norway stay neutral in world war 1?

Yes they did.

Did America really believe they could stay neutral during World War I?

America is a large country whose people have many different opinions. Some Americans believed that America could remain neutral during World War 1, some believed that America could but should not stay neutral, and some believed that America could not stay neutral. Initially, those in favor of neutrality were the vast majority. Eventually those supporting participation in the war became a larger and larger fraction of the population, until they were so large that a declaration of war became politically possible.

Did USA stay neutral at the outbreak of World War 2?


Why did Sweden stay neutral during worl war 2?

In the previous century the Swedes chose to be "eternally" neutral. Their nation had been in too many wars. They chose to be neutral and stay neutral. During the war Nazis came into their country and the Monarchy had to get them booted out. They did help escaping Jews by allowing them into Sweden. They also helped Norwegians and Finns escapees.

Did Hannibal stay in Italy for fourteen years during the fight with rome?


Who did Britain have a war with in World War 1?

Great Britain fought against Austria-Hungary and Germany. Italy was going to join the Triple Alliance before the war but decided to stay neutral.

Why was it difficult for the US to stay neutral during the first part of World War 1?

The U.S. had a close relationship with Great Britain, and the war interfered with trade.

What was the US policy during World War 1 until it declared war in April of 1917?

The U.S. wanted to stay neutral and let this be Europe's war.

Why did the US want to stay neutral during World War 1?

Because they saw it as a war that did not involve them and did not want to spend lives defending foreign countries

What country changed its alliance from central powers to the allies?

Italy changed its alliance. Italy wanted to stay neutral, because their alliance was supposed to be defensive, not offensive. Italy changed sides later in the war because the Allies offered them new territory if the Allies were to win World War I.

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