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Japan became an imperial power for several reasons. Here are some of them:

A. It needed colonies where it could sell its surplus goods.

B. It wanted to create an empire so it could be like Western imperial powers.

C. It required foreign workers in order to industrialize.

D. It wanted to have more security, prestige, wealth, and power

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Q: Why did Japan become an imperial power?
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When did Japan emerge as an imperial power?

Japan started to become a major power in the 1890s.

Who was the imperial power in south Asia?

Well Japan was a imperial power and was probable the most powerful. great Britain was also an imperial power in the area.

What were the imperial powers of Malaysia?

The British Empire was an imperial power in Malaysia. At one point, Japan was also an imperial power in Malaysia.

Why did America want to become an imperial power?

America wanted to become an imperial power because they were mad at the King.

How did the meiji restoration affect Japan?

Japan became a modernized imperial power.

How did the meiji restoration affect japan-?

The Meiji restoration turned Japan in to a modernized imperial power.

Who has the governing power in Japan?

Prime Minister, but symbolic power still belongs to the imperial family

The rise of Hitler and Imperial Japan?

The Imperial Japan has been around for thousands of years. Hilter and the Nazis started in 1919/1920 and fell in 1945. Hitler's power rose as Germany's economy fell after the Treaty of the Versaiiles. He legally took power and threw out the government's constitution to become dicator of Germany and ruler of the Nazis.

How did japan become an important power after world war 1?

japan become a power because of the researchers and scintests

Why did the united states become an imperial power?

The United States became an imperial power by the treaty. This is what made countries come to agreements.

How did japan become a imperial super power?

japan took other countries ideas and made them better; the japanese manufctured weaponry and joined forces sonn the became an super power. the became modernized :3 or batman taught them idk anymore.

The last axis power to surrender was who?

The last major Axis power to surrender in WWII was Imperial Japan.

What areas did the US gain control of to become an imperial power?


Why did US want to become an imperial power?

wanted more control

Who was the first nation to become an imperial power as a result of the industrial revolution?


Why did Japan become imperialistic?

To get more power.

When was Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy created?

Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy was created in 1947.

When was Imperial Guard - Japan - created?

Imperial Guard - Japan - was created in 1867.

What was the central purpose of the reforms of 646 in Japan?

To bring about greater centralization and enhance the power of the Imperial Court

Which group had the most power in Japan?

In the 1930's until the end of WW2, it was the Imperial Japanese Army.

How did the US become an imperial power in 1890?

They actually became after 1898 a imperial power because they won Spanish-American war, where they gained colonies such as the Phillippines, Puerto Rico and Guam.

Which of these islands do you thing become the center of power in Japan?


How does a nation become an imperial power?

by attempt to dominate other =s by direct rule and settlement

What were not imperialist powers in the late 1800's japan spain china or US?

USA was never an imperial power.

When did Kyoto become the capital of Japan?

Kyoto became the imperial capital of Japan in 794. In 1868, it lost that title to Tokyo. It's now the capital of Kyoto prefecture.