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Why did Japan start a war with America?

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To buy them time to complete their conquests in Indochina, New Guinea and the Phillipenes they needed to knock out the US Pacific Fleet.

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Why did America refuse to start war with Japan?

cuz the scary

When did America start world war 2?

America did not start WW2, Germany and Japan get the credit for that. The US did declare war on Japan on 08 December 1941, after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, and 11 December 1941 on Germany, being allied with Japan.

When did Japan an America start a war?

7 December 1941, (8 December in Japan), when Japan attacked US forces in Hawaii and the Philippines.

What happens when Japan with America?

Japan bomb America and the u.s.a got in world war 2 also

Why did amrica bomb japan in World War 2?

Because America and Japan were at war- Japan having attacked the US, and declared war on the US.

What reasons are there for the start of world war 2?

I only have two reasons,one is because Japan attacked pearl harbor,the second is America was sending threats to japan

Why did japan start war on America?

The reason japan attacked the u.s at pearl harbor was because the Japanese saw the us as the only threat to its power in the pacific ocean

What war did America bomb japan?


Germany declaring war on the U.S.?

Germany allied with Japan, Japan attacked America Germany had no choice and Hitler was not happy as he wanted to keep America out of the war.

What is the name of the two rockets were sent in word war 1 from america to japan?

No rockets were sent to Japan by any country in America in World War 1

Who bombed Japan?

At the end of WW2 after Japan had attacked America and the Allies, The Americans bombed Japan to bring the war to a close.The United States of America bombed Japan.

Why did Japan start World War 2?

Japan did not start WW2, Germany did in 1939 when they invaded Poland. Japan only came into the war when they bombed Pearl Harbour in 1941

Start of World War 2 with japan?

Japan attacked Manchuria, this causing the second world war.

What was the result of Japan attacking America?

Global war.

Who rebuilt japan after World War 2?


Why did America declare war against Japan?

America declared war because of the attack o Pearl Harbor

Who won war war 2 Japanese or America?

America. Japan surrendered after the dropping of the 2 nuclear bombs.

When America begin war with japan?

War was declared on 8 December 1941

What year did America and japan go to war?

The United States declared war on the Empire of Japan on 8 December 1941.

How did the war between the us and japan start?

it started when japan bomb us

How did us show dislike for japan?

The United States of America showed a distinct dislike for Japan, when Japan sneakily attacked Pearl Harbour. This 'Dastardly Attack' (as declared by President Franklin D. Roosevelt) led America to declare war on Japan, and a few days later, Hitler declared war on America. So America came into World War II and used their might of war production and manpower to come to the aid of Britain and her Allies in Europe against Nazis Germany, and also to take the war to Japan.

Why did America attack Japan in world war 2?

America struck back after being attacked by Japan on 7 December 1941

How did the atomic bomb on japan occurred?

japan bombed pear harbour in America which got America involved in the war and then America went back 4 revenge.

Why did US and Japan get into war?

The US and Japan went into war after the Japanese bombed and attack Pearl Harbor. A naval base in Hawaii. This forced America into war with Japan and to join WWI.

Which country did the United States declare war on after the attack on Pearl Harbor?

America declared war on Japan. Germany then declared war on America.