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The Jews were kicked out of Israel by the Romans in the year 70 CE. The Romans later renamed it "Palestine". However, contrary to what many people believe, not all Jews were forced out which means that there has been an uninterrupted Jewish presence in Israel for over 3000 years.

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Q: Why did Jews in Palestine leave the area?
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When did the Jews leave Palestine?

The main exile of Jews from Palestine came in 70 CE. However, there was always a minority of Jews in Palestine until 1950 when they became the majority.

The Balfour Declaration promised the Jews a homeland in which area?


The Romans forced the Jews to leave Jerusalem in 70 AD because?

The Jews rebelled against Roman rule in Palestine.

Exile of Jews from palestine?

The Exile of Jews from palestine is known as the Diaspora

In what year did the Jews leave for Palestine?

There is no exact year that Jews started going to Israel/Palestine when they had not been migrating before. Migration picked up immensely in 1919 because Jews finally had legal permission to migrate to Palestine, but migration has waxed and waned since that point and existed before that point.

Why don't the Jews stop attacking Palestine?

Because Palestine keeps attacking the Jews.

In the 1880s Jews began to think about returning to the area they thought of as their promised land which was called?


What was the name of the area Jews thought of as their promised land and began to think about returning to in the 1880s?


What area did the balfour declaration promise the Jews as a homeland?

It was Israel (then called the British Mandate of Palestine).

Do Jews live in Palestine?

Nope. Many Jews live in Israel (what used to be called Palestine).

What biblical area of the middle east were the Jews given to re-establish the country of Israel in 1947?


What biblical area of the Middle East were the Jews given to re establish the country of Israel in 1947?


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