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He rebelled against the Canadian Party (In which John A Macdonald led).

Louis Riel originally took over the Red River Territory, which Canada was to buy from the Hudson Bay Company. But the surveyor's were on the land before December 1 (The official transfer date). Riel escaped to the USA and came back later, to help the Metis people because of being treated poorly from Macdonald and the Canadian Party.

He was then caught, and hung in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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Louis Riel is known to be either the Father of Confederation (as he brought in Manitoba aka the postage stamp province into Canada) or a "traitor." At the time, he was wanted from the rebellions that he sparked up. He was hanged from the 1885 Saskatchewan rebellion. Many of the Metis and French were horrified...Sir John A. MacDonald had said a famous quote: "He shall hang though every dog in Quebec bark in his favour." Basically saying that all the French people would be against the hanging but MacDonald would have to hang him or he'd lose votes in Ontario. Anyhow, it is still debatable whether he is a Father of Confederation or a traitor.

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