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Why did Jordan choose 23 as his signiture number?

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What number did Michael Jordan choose?

He chose number 23.

Why did Jordan choose the number 23 as his signature number?

that was his luckey number.

Why did michale Jordan choose number 23?

Because he wanted to.

What year did Michael Jordan join the NBA choose number 23?


Why did Jordan choose the number 23 to wear as his signature number?

because that how old he was when he started playing

Why did micheal jordan pick number 23?

his brothers number was somwhere around 46 so mj split it in half and choose 23.

Why did Michael Jordon choose the number?

michal Jordan did not choose the #23 the bulls choose it for him, most rookies in any major league sport do not have control over what number they will wear.

Why did michael jordan choose the number 23?

His older brother wore 45 and he was hoping to be half as good as him.

Who is the number 23 on chicago bulls?

The legend of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was number 23.

When did Michael Jordan choose Number 23?

He chose it in High School. He came into the team and wanted to be number 45 but it was taken by his older brother, so he split in half and settled with 23.

Why did miachel Jordan choose number 23 for his signature number?

Because he was five years old when he started playing basketball and the number 23 when added together gives you five (2 + 3 = 5)

Who is number 23 for the Chicago bull?

Michael Jordan was number 23.

Who is the number 23 in Chicago bull?

Michael Jordan was number 23.

Why did LeBron James choose 23?

In tribute to Michael Jordan.

What number did Jordan where in college?

Jordan wore #23 at UNC.

What is the following card worth ...michael-jordan-card-23-karat-gold-rookie-signature?

The card "Michael Jordan card 23 Karat gold rookie signiture" is absolutely rare. It is estimated that the card would be at least worth $2,000 and increasing in worth.

Why did Jordan choose the 23 for his signature number?

jordans older brother Larry use to wear the #45, Jordan wanting to be like his brother wanted to wear the same number which was already taken. so he split the number in half which is 22 1/2. there is no such number in basketball so he took 23.

What number is Michael Jordan?


What is Michael Jordan number?


Y did miceal Jordan choose number 23?

His brother wore #45...and he said he wished he could half as good as him. Half of 45 is 23.

Why did Michael Jordan pick the number 23 for his signature number?

His brother wore the # 45 and Jordan thought that 23 was half of 45

Why did Jason Richardson choose the number 23?

Jason Richardson did not choose the number 23 in honor of Michael Jordan. His childhood idol was actually Dominique Wilkins; Richardson simply chose the number 23 because the number he wore in high school, 32, was retired when he arrived at Michigan State. J-Rich says there is no meaning to the number 23, he really just flipped the 3 and 2.

Why did Michael Jordan choose the number 45?

Because when he came back from his first retirement from basketball (when he was playing baseball), his original number, 23, had been retired.

Who is number 23 of the Chicago Bulls basketball team?

Michael Jordan was number 23.

What was Michael Jordan original number?