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Why did Mary Ingalls remain blind?

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The scarlet fever made her blind and she stayed that way because the nerves in her eye had been permanently damaged.

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How old was Mary ingalls when she went blind?

Mary Ingalls was 14 when she went blind.

What year did Mary ingalls become blind?

In 1879, Mary Ingalls became blind.

What year did Mary Ingalls go blind?

Mary Ingalls goes blind in Little House on the Prairie's fourth season, which aired in 1978.

Who was the Blind sister from Little House on the Prairie?

Mary Ingalls was blind. Older sister of Laura Ingalls

Was Mary ingalls ever a teacher?

she was blind

Where Did Laura Ingalls Wilder live when Mary Ingalls Became Blind?

She became blind at Walnut Grove,Minnesota.

Did any members of the ingalls go blind?

Mary Ingalls went blind at age 15 from scarlet fever.

Was Mary Ingalls good in school?

Mary Ingalls was an exceptional student; in both regular school and in her college for the blind.

How old was Laura Ingalls Wilder when her sister Mary ingalls became blind?

Laura was 12 and Mary was 14

What was the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder sisters who was blind?

Mary Ingalls, she was the oldest of the children.

Did Mary Ingalls really go blind?

Yes, Mary was blind from the time she had scarlet fever at Plum Creek.

When Did Mary Ingalls Go blind?

The real Mary Ingalls went blind when she was just 15 years old. In real life, she never married nor had any children.

Was Laura Ingalls Wilder the oldest daughter in the family?

No. Her older blind sister, Mary Amelia Ingalls, was.

What happened to Mary Ingalls?

Mary IngallsMary Ingalls finished the course at the Blind School. She then lived with her sister, Carrie, and later, she lived with Grace. She passed away on October 20, 1928 at the age of 63.

At what age did Mary Ingalls go blind?

Fourteen. See the Related Link below.

Is Melissa Sue Anderson blind?

No. She portrayed Mary Ingalls, a character who eventually went blind, on "Little House on the Prairie", but she is not blind in real life.

What date did Mary ingalls go blind?

There is no "date"; Mary lost her sight gradually as the optic nerves wasted away. She was completely blind by early spring of 1879.

Why didn't Mary Ingalls marry?

If you're referring to the Mary Ingalls character from the Little House on the Prairie series, she did get married. To Adam, the blind man, remember? Adam Kendall was blind, but he regained his sight from an operation because he got blind from an injury rather than weakened nerves like with Mary. They ran a school for the blind as well. However, the actual Mary Ingalls never married or ran a school for the blind because blind women didn't marry back in those days, and the actual Mary probably didn't really have a desire to teach at a school for the blind. In real life, Mary lived with her parents until they passed away, and then lived with Grace and then with Carrie even later afterwards.

In what Laura Ingalls Wilder book does Mary go blind?

At the beginning of By the Shores of Silver Lake.

Did Laura Ingalls Wilder have any struggles?

Laura had struggles with her sister Mary because she was blind

Did Mary Ingalls go to college?

In the book she did but in the show she just goes to a blind school and then is done her schooling.

What were two of the significant events in Laura Ingalls Wilders life?

moving out west and when her sister Mary became blind she stayed blind for the rest of her life and went to a college for the blind

Who did Mary Ingalls marry?

No one! In the time that Mary lived, blind people didn't marry. Mary lived with Pa and Ma after graduating Blind School in Iowa. When Pa and Ma died, Mary lived with younger sister Grace and her husband.

When did mary ingalls go to college?

Iowa College for the Blind (now the Iowa Braille and Sight Saving School)

How many kids did Mary ingalls have?

Mary Ingalls did not have any kids.