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They went from Galilee to Bethlehem because of the Roman census. Which meant that Joseph had to be in his home town along with his wife, Mary.

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In the bible story both Joseph and Mary went to Bethleham to register themselves according to the decree by emperror Augustus.

well acording to the catholic bible it was in bethlehem when jesus was born

There are, as you know, two Bible stories about Christmas. The one in the gospel of St. Luke says that there was a census in Judea at the time and the people from Galilee were included. However, so the story goes, people were not to be counted in the place they actually lived, which for Mary and Joseph would have been Nazareth, but were required to go to the city associated with their ancestors, which in Joseph's case meant Bethlehem. (Luke 2:4) In St. Matthew's Gospel it is suggested that Joseph and Mary lived in Bethlehem to start out with. They were obliged to emigrate because they were warned that King Herod was planning to massacre all of the boy-children in Bethlehem and so went to Egypt. When they returned from Egypt, they did not go back to Bethlehem (they were still suspicious of the government) and instead settled in Nazareth (Matt 3:22-23) It is clear that they had never lived there before.

Long Time Ago In Bethlehem, So The Holy Bible Says. It is the first line of Mary's Boy Child.

In the bible the star was first seen by the three wisemen.

Present at First ChristmasJesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the aminals that were in the shack

The emperor announced that everyone in the land had to be counted. Men had to return to their hometown. There they would tell their name and what land they owned. Jospeh belonged to the family line of David. King David's birthplace was Bethlehem. So he went to be counted. Like a census.

No, Christmas was celebrated long before New Zealand was settled. The First Christmas was in Bethlehem, but the first official celebration is a matter of conjecture since the church did not recognize Christmas as a holiday until late in the First Century.

Abraham was the great-grandfather of Joseph. Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph.

The three wisemen, or Magi, first saw the Star of Bethlehem in the Bible story. The star led them to the stable where Jesus was born.

Arnold R. Fleagle has written: 'Journey to Bethlehem' -- subject(s): Meditations, Advent, Christmas 'First Peter' -- subject(s): Bible, Biblical teaching, Commentaries, Suffering

either Jingle Bells O Little Town of Bethlehem or Silent Night

Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lay.

It is in the book of Genesis, at the time of of Joseph, Pharaoh is first mentioned.

The bible was compiled in the first century AD. Joseph Smith was born in 1805. Now if you think about it very hard you should eventually come to realize that the bible was completed long before Joseph Smith was born.

This custom comes from the Gospel. Recall that when they arrived in Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph searched for refuge. And, of course, they had nothing to eat. Then they found a cave where they had taken refuge. Thus, due to childbirth, too, was before a meal. Finally, the star heralded the birth of Jesus. That's when they finally ate. By the way, after the first star there can only be special Lenten food and plenty to eat too will be later, after the Christmas liturgy.

The first Christmas verse in the bible is found in Isaiah 7:14. The verse is written as 'Therefore the lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son'.

Only Joseph,Mary, and the sheperds. The Wiseman showed up later.

Yes, Rachel was Jacob's (Israel) first love although he married Leah first. She is the mother of Joseph and Benjamin and is buried with a pillar on the grave in Bethlehem.

Naomi was from Bethlehem of Judah which is recorded in the book of Ruth in the very first chapter verses 1 through 2.

Christmas is Jesus Christ's birthday, and the first was in a stable in Bethlehem, Palestine. I has been secularized like most Cristian holidays, but still maintains many elements.

Pagans in Bible times. For an interesting history from then to now:

Jesus, on his first day of human life had slept in a stable. The original location of the stable in Bethlehem in which Jesus was born is unknown.