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Medusa didn't actually hate people, she hated men. She was raped by Poseidon, god of sea, that was seen by Athena. Athena hated Medusa for it even though it was not her fault, but she still got cursed by Athena. That's why Medusa hates men, because she got turned ugly, turns people to stone with her eyes and got raped by a man. If I was Medusa, I would also hate men.

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Athena Hates Poseidon and Medusa

Aphrodite turned Medusa into an ugly beast we people said Medusa was prettier than her

There is no proof that Medusa could not help but to turn people to stone.

Medusa was not an archer- she was a monster who could turn people to stone.

Medusa didn't "want" to do that; it was her nature.

Medusa was famous for being able to turn people or animals to stone.

Medusa probably does not care one way or another.

I hate to break it to you but you can't find Medusa in real life because she's s myth but you could find her in books according to her legend or look it up on google.

medusa turned people into stone so yeah...

No; they turned to stone, not snakes. Medusa had snakes for hair.

people were scared of medusa because one look at her would turn you into stone

Medusa was one of the three "gorgons" their job was to turn people into stone.

no she turn them to stone

Turning people to stone

The story of Medusa is a myth, entirely fantasy. There is no record of how many people were turned to stone. Which, in this context, is impossible.

Yes, unfortunately. People do hate people.

many people do not hate hate him but dislike his songs and singing

theoretically Medusa was was never seen but a lot of the Greek people say that they have seen her.

They both have snakes for hair, BUT medusa is the only one with the curse of turning people to stone

because they have to stop medusa from truning other people into stone

Athena hates Medusa because Poseidon took her to Athena's worship place. Athena did not like that so Athena cursed Medusa so that no man could ever look at her again. Medusa was infuriated so she took Poseidon into the worship place and did some... stuff. Athena pledged never to do that so, Athena was pretty pissed off.

Perseus, son of Zeus, killed Medusa because she turned people to stone -- essentially, because she was a murderer.

Because Medusa will turn more innocent people to stone statues if nobody stop her.

She was evil, why do people get put in jail.

she turns people to stone

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