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The older "Prince" is actually Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, for some reason he goes by "Prince" Michael, unless Michael legally changed his name. "Blanket' is the only one with Prince Michael Joseph Jackson on his birth certificate, and Michael Jr. has "Prince" as just a nickname.


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He had his first son, Prince Michael the First in February of 1997 and his second son, Prince Michael the Second (better known as Blanket), in February of 2002.

Michael Jackson had his first son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. when he had 39.

Michael Jackson started at five. Prince started at about 17

Macaulay Culkin is the godfather to Michael's first child Prince Michael Jackson, and also godfather to Jackson's second child; daughter Paris Jackson.

Prince Jackson is Michael Jackson's son. Prince Jackson often refers to Michael Jackson's first born son, however his youngest son is also named Prince but is referred to as Blanket.

First one who was born was Michael Jackson Jr. a.k.a Prince he is 15 years old second one born was Paris Katherine Jackson she is 14 last one born was Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a Blanket he is 10 years old.

Michael Jackson or MJ had his first kid in 1997 when he was 38 years of age. He had Prince or Michael Joseph Jackson Jr with Debbie Rowe. His second child, Paris was born in 1998.

Michael Jackson met his second wife, Deborah (Debbie) Rowe, at his dermatologist's office. She was a nurse there. They had met in the 80's and married on November 15, 1996. She was 6 months pregnant with their first child, Prince Michael Jackson l.

Michael Jackson first,have 50.Yeah he is dead.Unfortunately. we love you most MJPrince Michael Jackson, his son, is 12.

Michael Joseph Jr aka Prince Michael I.

Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, Michael's oldest son was born on the 13th February 1997.

Prince Michael Jackson was born February 13th, 1997.

Yes... By his first wife, Lisa Presley - none By his second wide, Deborah Rowe ... 1. (s) Michael Joseph Jackson - also known as 'Prince' 2. (d) Paris Michael Katherine Jackson By an unknown surrogate mother, in 2002 ... 3. (s) Prince Michael Jackson II - also known as 'Blanket.' For more information, see Related links below.

Prince Jackson wasn't exactly WITH him, but he was the first one to see him when he wasn't breathing.

AnswerMichael Jackson's two sons are not both named "Prince." His first son is named Michael Joseph Jackson Jr and is commonly called "Prince" as a nickname.His second son, and third child is named Prince Michael Jackson II and has the nickname "Blanket."This arrangement is potentially confusing but is not a case of both sons being given the same name.Answer"Prince" is Katherine Jackson's (Michael's mother) father name. So Michael effectively named his sons after his Grandfather. SOURCE Wikipedia

Prince Michael Jackson is the full name of one of Michael's sons. His daughter is named Paris Michael Jackson, she has been in one children's movie. His younget son is named Prince Michael Jackson the second (knicknamed blanket). Prince is not a title it is his son's first name. There is also an adult man who is named Omer Bhatti who may be Michael's son. Omar looks similar to some of Michael's nephews.

Debbie Rowe, Michael's second wife, is the mother of his first two children. He named their two children after himself - Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (Prince) and Paris-Michael Katherine. His third child, Prince Michael II, was born to a mystery surrogate mother he never even met.

They aren't odd; Paris is a pretty regular name Prince is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr and Blanket is Prince Michael II. Prince is a family name and plenty of people name their kids after themselves in either first name or middle name, and blanket is a saying they use in the Jackson family, like blanket someone with love. ! Prince Michael Joesph Jackson is not related to Lisa Marie Presley. Michael Joesph Jackson mother is Debbie Rowe She has 4 children, none by Michael Jackson; Danielle Riley and Benjamin Storm from her first marriage to Danny Keough and twin girls Harper and Finley from her current marriage to Michael Lockwood.

Yes. The Second Biggest Act That Came From The Jackson Family. The First Being Of Course Michael Jackson.

Ten months later, Jackson married Debbie Rowe. The couple's first child, Prince Michael Jackson, was born in early 1997; their daughter, Paris Michael Katherine, was born in April 1998. Jackson and Rowe were divorced in 1999. Jackson is the father of a third child, Prince Michael II, with an undisclosed mother.

Michael Jackson had two wives because the first one was named Lisa Marie Presley and their love was true love. Even after they divorced, they still loved each other and they were still friends. One of the reasons that they divorced was because Michael Jackson claims that Lisa Marie Presley promised him that they would have children when they got married. But she refused to have children with him. Michael Jackson's second wife was named Debbie Rowe. They didn't really have "true love" with each other. She was his dermatologist and after he divorced with Lisa Marie Presley, she agreed to give Michael Jackson two children as a "present" and so they did "it" and she was pregnant with Michael Jackson's first son, "Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I". They weren't married yet but because of Katherine Jackson's Jehovah Witness rules, whe insisted that Michael Jackson got married with Debbie Rowe. So they did. And later, Prince Michael Joseph Jackson I was born and not long after, Debbie Rowe was pregnant with Michael Jackson's second child, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. Later, they got divorced but stayed as friends. Michael Jackson was happy because he had two beautiful children. That is why Michael Jackson had two wives.

NO. The doctor was the only person home when his father died. Latoya was the first one to find out Michael Jackson was deceased

Twice, first time in 1996 second in 1999.

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