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Because he wanted to protect the Jews from the Nazi's.

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When Anne's family meets the Van Daans at the hiding place she met Peter.

The Franks and the Van Daans did not carry suitcases to their hiding place because they did not want to draw attention and suspicion. Instead they wore as many layers of clothing as possible.

Anne Frank called her hiding place the secret Annex.

There was a total of eight people hiding in the annex.

Otto Frank own the warehouse they hid in until Amsterdam was taken over. He knew of the hiding place way before the war.

The Secret Annex in Amsterdam. The hiding place of Anne Frank and those with her was upstairs at the back of Otto Frank's former place of work. They were hiding in the "Secret Annex", in the building where Otto Frank had previously worked. The annex was behind a book case that opened like a door.

The Frank family was sharing the annex with the Van- Daan family.


They lived in an annexe, just above the work place of Otto Frank, in the Netherlands.

Meip gies and several other people.

At what is now the Anne Frank House at 263 Prinzengracht in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank went hiding in Amsterdam. This is a photo of the place she lived in ( the middle one)...

because the place where Anne Frank and family were hiding was discovered by Germans. ___ Anne and Margot Frank died of typhus.

As an example= Otto Frank, Eaded Frank, Marggot Frank, Anne Frank. Otto Frank ask his very good friends if they could find a hiding place for him and his family. People were willing to do that for their friends. So they went into hiding for 2 years.

Frank Crane has: Played Gardener in "Over to William" in 1956. Played George in "Quatermass and the Pit" in 1958. Played Brown in "Private Investigator" in 1958. Played Clerk in "No Hiding Place" in 1959. Played GPO engineer in "No Hiding Place" in 1959. Played Harvey in "No Hiding Place" in 1959.

No, tragically, she did not. After 25 months in hiding, someone informed the Gestapo of the Frank family hiding place and they were taken to concentration camps where Anne died several months later.

Well, someone (the person who did reveal the Frank's hiding place) did know. They are most likely dead now. And because it has never come to the public who revealed their hiding place, it is likely that it will never ever be known.

Anne Frank kept her diary from 1942-1944, writing most of it while she was in hiding from the Nazis.

The van Pels (in diary known as van Daans) and Mr. Pfeffer (in diary known as Mr. Dussel) were in the secret annexe with the Franks. Merry Christmas! -22redroses

The Frank family went into hiding in July, 1942. Margot Frank had received a call-up notice, meaning that she had to report for deportation to Westerbork. The Franks had already planned to go into hiding, although Anne and Margot were not aware of this. Anne mentions in her diary that the hiding place was not ready, but because of Margot's notice, they had to move immediately.

Anne Frank faces challenges like she was a Jewish girl Nazi Germany. She did not have freedom. When she was in the hiding place she didn't know what's happening outside. In the hiding place there was little food couldn't use the toilet, very small place for 8 people to live there.

'''A work place in Germany and behind a bookcase there was a attic she hid in there!!'''

The hiding place in The Hiding Place was in Corrie's bedroom and it was a little room with a secret door. The hiding place was built by Mr. Smit.

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