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New Yorkthey didnt protest it i don't know what you are talking about the only one who protested it was the french sailor Samuel de Lafayette, he sailed the Lafayette river in Boston and was the one to discover it... he was the french leader for the American revealutions militia, basically
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Q: Why did New Yorkers protest the draft?
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Where was the worst protest of the draft laws?

New York City.

The worst disturbance in protest of the draft laws took place in?

New York city.

How did some Americans protest the draft?

Burning their draft cards.

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By burning draft cards

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What role did a volunteer fire brigade play in the New York City draft riots?

On July 13, 1863, the draft lottery in New York City was about to begin. As anti-draft people prepared to stage a protest, a volunteer New York City fire brigade helped fuel the riot by burning down the the draft headquarters of the provost marshal.

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