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In 1954, the Vietminh forces of Vietnam defeated the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, and the nation was temporarily divided into two sections, north and south. The people of the south chose Ngo Dinh Diem as their ruler and Ho Chi Minh ruled the north. Diem refused to go along with the planned elections in 1956 to unite the nation so the Vietminh members in the south created the Viet Cong and the war between north and south for control of the country began. Diem realized he would probably lose the elections. Many communists had moved south from the north and would probably not vote for Diem's regime. The US encourage Diem with aid and money. He was even considered a "George Washington of South Vietnam" by some of the American media. With US support, Diem felt he could defeat the communists so he declared a republic in South Vietnam. The government of South Vietnam requested military advisors from the United States to help train the South Vietnamese army. MrV

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Why was Vietnam divided at the 17th parallel?

The 17th parallel division between North and South Vietnam was the result of a Chinese proposal at the Geneva Conference of 1954 which ended the French war in Vietnam. China did not want a strong, unified Vietnam on its southern border and easily convinced the great powers to go along with their proposal. Ho Chi Minh was dependent on Chinese aid and had to go along. Elections were scheduled for 1956, but South Vietnam, which did not sign the Geneva Accord, refused to participate.

When are local elections held?

In the US, they are usually held in May or in November along with the national and/or state elections.

Is there sand in Vietnam?

Along the beaches.

Who was the commmunist in Vietnam war?

North Vietnam along with it's Southern guerillas living in South Vietnam (VC).

Temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel?

North Vietnam north of the Z, and South Vietnam south of the Z.

Did the Vietnam war happen in the US?

No, the Vietnam War was fought in South and North Vietnam, the adjacent waters, as well as along the Vietnam borders in Cambodia and Laos.

Who planned the stabbing of Caesar?

caius Cassius along with other conspirators

What ocean does Vietnam lie along?

On the Pacific Ocean.

When did Vietnam divided along the 17th parallel?


Where was the battle of Hamburger Hill fought?

in Vietnam along the A Shaw valley in the border mountains of Vietnam and Laos.

Can you refuse to sign divorce papers in Texas?

You can refuse to sign divorce papers in Texas. The divorce will eventually move ahead and along without the signatures.

Which ocean does Vietnam lie along?

the east ocean i think

Explain how the Vietnam war has affected Vietnamese and Australian society?

Relationships between Australia and Vietnam are generally along the same lines as the relationship between the US and Vietnam.

Did US support the Vietnam war?

U.S. Navy conducted surveillance missions along the coast of North Vietnam. The government also supplied and trained South Vietnam for war. The U.S.A supported south Vietnam

What is vietman?

Vietnam is a country communist south of China along the coast.

What temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel?

Geneva accords

Where were North and South Vietnam divided during the Vietnam War?

They were divided along the 17th Parallel, with a one-mile DMZ between them.

What line of latitude was Vietnam divided at?

The DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone between North and South Vietnam was along the 17th Parallel Line.

Where was the division in Vietnam until 1975?

The 'Demilitarized Zone" separating North and South Vietnam was along the 17th parallel from 1954 until South Vietnam surrendered to the North in April, 1975.

Who was the main enemy of north Vietnam?

The US. Only the US was bombing North Vietnam. Although American and Australian men 'o war were bombarding North Vietnam along their coastline.

Is Vietnam still a communist nation today?

Yes Vietnam is still a communist nation. Along with China, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba

Vietnam is the southern border of what country?

Vietnam is the southern border of the country of Cambodia. Vietnam also runs along China the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Tonkin, the South China Sea, and Laos.

What groups fought in the Vietnam civil war?

Vietnam has never had a civil war. The closest you could get would be the Vietnam War, which was fought between the separate although related countries of North and South Vietnam (along with the allies of each side).

How do you prepare a manifesto in the school elections?

A manifesto or plan of action should be developed along a problem solution approach for school elections. Showing a need and how to fill it generates interest and allows attainability.

Where did they fight in the Vietnam war?

Ground fighting occurred through out the Republic of South Vietnam. Unofficially, fighting occurred in Lao's and Cambodia along the South Vietnamese borders. Air Strikes occurred in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.