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He wrote SOS after breaking up with his girlfriend. No one knows who his girlfriend was at this time. Rumors say it was Miley Cyrus. He wrote it about personal experiences. Pretty cool that he wrote it in 10 minutes!

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Which song did Nick Jonas write in under 10 minutes?


How did Nick Jonas write the song SOS?

He wrote it off of past experience.

Who wrote SOS?

its Nick Jonas ! =)

Who did Nick Jonas write the song SOS for?

he wrote it for a girl who broke up with him.( not miley cyrus.) )

What Jonas brothers wrote the song SOS?

Nick Jonas.

Did Nick Jonas wright SOS?


Which Jonas brother wrote SOS?

Nick Jonas wrote S.O.S.

Which Jonas sings SOS?

All of them but mostly Nick

Did the Jonas brothers write SOS?

They did.

Which Jonas Brothers song did Nick write in ten minutes S.O.S look me in the eyes or wont let you go?

it is SOS

What song did Nick Jonas write in six minutes?

He wrote SOS in under ten minutes, I'm not sure if it was exactly 6 minutes though.

Did Nick Jonas write the song burnin up?

i thing is nick jonas!

What are Nick Jonas favourite Jonas brothers songs?

he had said in an interview: a little bit longer SOS and goodnight and godbye

What hand does Nick Jonas write with?

nick Jonas writes with he's right hand

Did Nick Jonas write Appreciate?

tes,nick Jonas is very smart and appreciate

Does Nick Jonas write the songs?

=Nick Jonas writes a few songs by himself.==But all three of the Jonas Brothers write all the rest.=

What is the Jonas Brothers' song 'SOS' really about?

S.O.S. was written after Nick Jonas had a horrible date. Then, he came home and wrote about it and put it into a song. Nick had finished it in about 15 minutes and then played it for his father. His father loved it and now it is one of the Jonas Brothers' hit songs.

Which song did Nick write than under 10 minutes?


How many songs has made nick Jonas?

he wrote SOS and A Little Bit Longer by himself.

How long Nick Jonas composed the song SOS?

You Mean how long he wrote it 10 Minutes

Which of the Jonas brothers songs has nick composed?

nick Jonas has composed SOS, got me going crazy, and a little bit longer by himself the rest of their songs are also composed by his brothers and him.

Is SOS by the Jonas Brothers about miley?

no its not. it is about a bad date that nick went on and wrote the song when he came home

Is SOS really about Miley Cyrus?

yes, she has broken hearts and mended them. but she has broken the heart of Nick Jonas.

What song on the second album did Nick write by himself in ten minutes?


Which song did Nick Jonas write based on a personal experience?

The song A little bit Longer is based on his diabetes. He also says - i quote- "SOS because I was really able to take an experience that happened to me and write a song out of it."