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It all started after WWII when Russia and the US chose what to do with Korea. They divided it by the 38th parallel, North going to Soviet Russia (communist) and South going to the US (democracy). This led to the division of the country and government.

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Is China in North or South Korea?

China, North Korea, and South Korea are all different countries.

What is Korea now?

Korea is separated into two North and South Korea North Koreans are not able to travel different countries or people from different countries are not able to go to North Korea South Korea is just like other countries They cannot go to each other countries They cannot help, unite, or work together

Is Korea still split between north and south?

Yes, North Korea and South Korea are two different countries.

Is North Korea in India?

Uh, no. North Korea and India are separate countries in completely different parts of Asia.

In what ways were the causes and effects of the war in Korea and Vietnam similar?

Both North Vietnam and North Korea were communist countries. A Demilitarized zone was established to divide the countries north & south. The battles in both countries were to stop the spread of communism in Asia.

Which countries speak Korean?

North Korea and South Korea those are two different country's

When did North and South Korea divide?

North and South Korea divided in 1948.

What country once controlled North Korea and South Korea?

japan Lots of different countries because korea was a small country so other countries that were bigger then Korea took controlled of Korea

What are the countries north of South Korea?

Only the North Korea.

What are the neighboring countries of North Korea?

The neighboring countries of North Korea are South Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and Mongolia.

When did North Korea and South Korea divide into two?


What are the challenges of North Korea?

trying to get material items to different countries with the expenses

Which of the Korea countries is a communist?

North Korea

Are north and south Korea communist countries?

No. Only North Korea

Why is North Korea enemies with south Korea?

The north wanted to have a different government than the south. So they broke up into two separate countries.

What the Korea?

Korea is the peninsula to the North-East of China, which harbors the countries of North and South Korea

Why did the countries in North Korea and the countries in South Korea enter the Korean war?


Is South Korea and North Korea countries?


What is the names of Koreas two states?

North Korea and South Korea are the names of the two states of Korea, or more like two different countries.

Do north and south Korea share the same government?

NO. North and South Korea are two completely different countries and are in a current state of war with one another.

When did Korea divide into north and south?


Is Korea a state or city?

North Korea and South Korea are both countries.

Is Korea a country?

North Korea and South Korea are both separate countries.

What countries are split and why?

Korea. North Korea is communist and South Korea is democratic.

Is Korea in Japan?

No. North and South Korea are their own countries.

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