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Pablo Picasso wanted to start a new style of art after creating so much according to the old rules and old styles. The world had changed since the world of the European Old Masters, and Picasso's Cubist works reflect this change.


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The Blue Period lasted 1901-1904.

•Pablo Picasso started painting cubism in 1908

Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso to start with...

As a child in his native Malaga.

He and Braque were the founders of cubism

He sold artworks when he was 15 (in 1896).

when he was just aged 8 in his school years.

His first known oil painting is from 1889, when he was 8.

He started at the age 7. It was during his school time.

i know 1 :Pablo Picasso How about Peter Pan?

By pasting pieces of newspaper, playing cards etc on the paintboard or canvas.

When he was 7 he started painting with training from his father Jose Ruiz. He did oil painting & figure drawing.

No one is really sure on an exact date but the person who made it most 'famous" Was pablo Picasso starting with his face Abstracts

It Started when Pablo's Friend ( '''Carlos Casagmas''' ) Took his life in '''L'Hippodrome Cafe'''' in Paris, France, Took his life and shot himself. And Pablo Was in a depression and started the well known period, the '''Blue Period'''

how did Picasso starting douing art

he started painting because his dad was a painter he started at a young age he started painting because his dad was a painter he started at a young age

because his father was a painter.

Picasso startes painting at an early age. He began drawing and paintin before he began speaking.

They started working together in 1908.

Picasso started to paint when he was merely seven years old. He was taught to draw and paint by his father. His father was also a painter.

He started to paint when he was 2 years old.

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