Why did Paul Harvey say if you want to see the absolute scum of the earth go to any prison in the US during shift change?

Paul Harvey had a relative incarcerated in the prison system.

One side of the story: Like most of the public you do not hear much news about the prison system unless its bad news. Generally a lot of what people hear comes from Inmates themselves saying how they are being mistreated or abused by correctional staff which is hardly the case. Just about everything you hear about the prison system is hearsay. Usually claims of being mistreated come about due to an inmate wanting special treatment and hearing a word they did not hear often before incarceration. (No.) Paul Harvey , while a wise man, had no idea what goes on within the walls other than what his incarcerated relative told him.Inmates rarely tell the reason why they are being punished. Rarely will they tell you they threw a cup of excriment on an officer or assaulted another gang member with a weapon and thats why they are in solitary confinement.

And, the other: There are three sides to every story: the perspective of one party involved, the viewpoint of the other, and what actually happened. While it is true that there are those unhappy with the reality of their incarceration, and the limits they face in that environment, the reality of the prison environment, which was illustrated in 1971 by psychologist Dr. Phillip Zimbardo during his infamous prison experiment, which Mr. Harvey was very likely familiar, is one of antagonism and conflict between the housed and the keepers.

To find evidence of the truth behind inmate allegations one need only research news articals on Correctional Medical Services, the largest private company contracted to provide medical, dental, and mental health services in American jails and prisons.

The fact is that in the US out of sight is most often out of mind, and the incarcerated are out of sight, many of them deserving exactly any bad treatment they receive (pardon the sarcasm).

Keep in mind the warning offered by several attributed sources: A society is measured by how it treats its weakest members. There is no weaker member of a society than the one from whom everything has been taken, including his freedom. With this in mind, consider the obvious result of that evidenced by the Zimbardo Experiment and the very real fact that the average IQ of correctional officers in the US is 90, the very bottom end of average.