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Because Hades thought she was beautiful so he went to go ask Zeus and Zeus said yes

As I understand it Hades had the ground swallow her up one day and bring her to the underworld or something like that (kidnapping). While she was captive Hades gave her some pomegranate seeds to eat. Something about this act meant a binding marriage that she was tricked into. Her mother Ceres was not happy about the disappearance of her daughter one bit.

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What did the Greek god Persephone do?

Persephone became the Queen of the Underworld.

What was Persephone the queen of?

Queen Persephone is the queen of the Underworld. Hades is her husband and is ruler of the Underworld.

Why did the queen of underworld eat pomegranates?

Persephone was not the Queen of the Underworld until after consuming the pomegranate, after which she was bound to the Underworld and thus Hades and became his wife and so Queen of the Underworld.

Who captured Persephone and where did he take her?

It was Hades who kidnapped Persephone. He brought her to the Underworld where she became the Queen of the Underworld. She now lives there six months a year.

Who what when where how and why facts about persephone?

Who: Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter What: Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld When: Persephone as the daughter of Demeter was born a goddess of Spring; upon her abduction to the Underworld by Hades, she became his wife and Queen of the Underworld Where: Somewhere in Greece. How: Persephone is goddess of Spring when Hermes and Hecate escort her to Earth from the Underworld, where she is greeted by Demeter and the Seasons: when Persephone returns to the Underworld she goes in Autumn Why: Persephone exists to explain the seasons in a fundamental way.

What is Persephone the queen of?

Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld because of her marriage to Hades, the King of the Underworld. She is also the goddess of spring.

When was Queen of the underworld Persephone taken?

Persephone was not Queen of the Underworld until taken to the Underworld by Hades: afterward, she was never taken anywhere against her will.

Who was the daughter if Demeter stolen by hades?

Persephone who became the wife of Hades and Queen of the Underworld.

What happen to Persephone?

Kore the Maiden of Springtime became Persephone the Queen of the Underworld, wife of Hades at her kidnapping at the hands of Hades.

What happened to Persephone after eating the seeds?

Persephone, after eating the pomegranate seeds had to spend half the year in the Underworld and so became Queen as the wife of Hades, King of the Underworld.

Who is Persephone who are her parents who is her husband and how did she come to be with him what did she eat that proved to be bad for her?

Persephone is a vegetation goddess and also the queen of the Underworld. Zeus and Demeter are her parents. Hades is her husband. Hades and Persephone met when Hades kidnapped her into the Underworld and she became the queen of the Underworld. She ate six pomegranate seeds in the Underworld which made her trapped in the Underworld for six months per year.

What did persephone do?

Persephone is the Goddess of Springtime, and The Queen & Goddess of the Underworld.

What is the occupation of Persephone?

Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld and a vegetation goddess.

What is the climax of persephone?

Demeter finding Persephone and Persephone becoming Queen of the Underworld.

What is Persephone best known for?

Persephone is best known as the Queen of the Underworld.

Who did persephone disappear with?

Hades, who desired that Persephone become Queen of the Underworld.

Persephone is the goddesss of what?

Persephone is the Greek goddess of innocence and queen of the underworld.

Who was the queen of the underworld?

In the greek myths, Persephone.

What Persephone is ruler over?

She is the Queen of the Underworld.

Why did ancient Greeks fear Persephone queen of the underworld?

Persephone, as Queen of the Underworld, was a deity of death, to draw her attention was to invite death as the Greeks thought it.

What is the difference between Persephone Greek mythology and Proserpine Roman mythology?

Persephone was the queen of the underworld and was abducted by and became the consort of Hades. Proserpina was the wife of Pluto who was god of the underworld. Their stories are very similar.

What qualities did Persephone have?

Persephone was both a spring goddess and the Queen of the Underworld (winter).

How was it like living in the underworld for Persephone?

Persephone likely took it to be a solemn duty as Queen of the Underworld, but not without love and joy.

Who were the husbands of persophene?

Hades who was the god of the Underworld was the husband to Persephone who was the queen of the underworld.

What is the territory of Persephone?

The Underworld is her domain, for she is the Queen of Hades.

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