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When did Khufu become Pharaoh?

khufu became the first dynasty pharoah

How did King Khufu become pharaoh?

Khufu is the birth name of the fourth dynasty. King Khufu became pharaoh after the death of his father. It is unknown how long he reigned.

Who was the pharaoh after Khufu?

Pharaoh Djedefre

Who was the pharaoh when the Giza was built?

the pharaoh was Khufu.

When was Pharaoh Khufu born?

Pharaoh Khufu was born in the 26th century B.C.

How old was khufu when he became pharaoh?

9 years old

What age did Khufu become a pharaoh?

21 yeas when he became king

Who were the pyramids built for at Giza?

They were built for~ * Pharaoh Menkaura * Pharaoh Khaefra * Pharaoh Khufu

When did Pharaoh Khufu or Cheops become pharaoh?

He was pharaoh from 2551 B.C.E. to 2528 B.C.E.

Who was Pharaoh Khufu and why was he important?

he was a pharaoh that built the largest pyramid.

What pharaoh built Giza?

The Pharaoh that ordered the Great Pyramid of Giza to be build was Pharaoh Khufu

Which is an alternate name for the pharaoh khufu?

Another name that Pharaoh Khufu was known was his Greek name Cheops

What did Khufu do for a living before he became a pharaoh?

He was born to be Pharaoh. Before becoming Pharaoh he would been the heir to the throne, the Crown Prince and put through extensive training for the job.

The Great Pyramid was buily by Pharaoh?

Pharaoh Khufu or known as Cheops

Who is a famous pharaoh?


Who was the pharaoh Khufu?

He was a savage

Who was Gizas Pharaoh?


What is the pharaoh Khufu famous for?

The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu is famous for having built the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Which pharaoh was the largest pyramid built for?

KhufuThe largest pyramid was built by the Pharaoh, Khufu. It was a maze of passages, and the pharaoh built a fake chamber for the queen, which was never finished.

What year did Pharaoh Khufu die?

When did khufu die?

What is Pharaoh Khufu most known for building?

Pharaoh Khufu (a.k.a. Cheops) ordered the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Which Pharaoh had a boat placed in the pyramid?

the builder of the Great Pyramid Pharaoh Khufu

What was the name pharaoh Khufu went by?

Cheops was pharaoh Knufu went by/ was known as.

Why were the pyramids of Giza important?

They were used to bury the Pharaohs that died. # The Pyramid of Menkaura- Pharaoh Menkaura # The Pyramid of Khaefra- Pharaoh Khaefra # The Great Pyramid of Khufu- Pharaoh Khufu

What was the name of the pharaoh who built the great pyramids at Giza?

# The Pyramid of Menkaura- 213 feet- Pharaoh Menkaura # The Pyramid of Khaefra- 471 feet - Pharaoh Khaefra # The Great Pyramid of Khufu- 481 feet- Pharaoh Khufu