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Why did Ponce de Leon explore Puerto Rico and Florida?

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He was searching for gold.

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Ponce de Leon was the first European to set foot in Florida. He established a settlement in Puerto Rico and discovered the Gulf Stream.

Ponce De Leon went to Florida Puerto Rico

Jaun Ponce de Leon was the first European to explore Florida

Ponce de LeonPonce de Leon explored Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth.

Ponce de Leon led the first European exploration of Florida.

Florida and Puerto Rico

Ponce de Leon mostly visited Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and Florida.

Ponce De Leon was the first to step in Florida.

Ponce de Leon was a Spanish explorer, the first governor of Puerto Rico, and explorer of Florida.

He was looking for the mystical Fountain of Youth.

Juan Ponce De Leon sailed to Florida, Cuba, Bahamas, Hisponiola, and Puerto Rico.

Juan Ponce De Leon discovered Florida which is a kind Flowers in spanish.

he explored Florida. he was trying to find the fountain of youth. he explored some part of America with Columbus, he explored Florida after that, and then he found Puerto Rico. that's 3.

He was from Spain and traveled to Florida and Puerto Rico.

Juan Ponce De Leon- He discovered Florida and Puerto Rico.

He discovered Puerto Rico and Florida

Ponce de leon explored because he wished to find the fountain of youth... He gave Florida its name.

what country did ponce deleon explore

Juan ponce de leon went looking for the fountain of youth in Florida and discovered Puerto rico thats a better answer!

He was the first European to explore Florida, searching for the Fountain of Youth.

ponce de leon travled to florida by ship

Juan Ponce de Leon explored what is present day Florida and Puerto Rico. During the early part of 16th century, Ponce de Leon was search for gold and a legendary fountain of youth when he landed in Florida in 1513.

He found Florida, and he conquered Puerto Rico.