Why did President Bush change daylight savings times?

To extend Daylight Savings Time as part of an Energy Bill in 2005. Supposedly it would save energy, oil, and encourage more outdoor activities and time.

Arguments Below:

Extending Daylight Saving Time Proponents argued:

Energy Savings - will possibly save 100,000 barrels of oil daily. People will turn interior and exterior lights on later in the day which will save electricity. Lighting for evening sports events can be turned on one hour later.

Recreation - people will have more time to enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, tennis and theme parks.

Farming - many farmers work part time and will have an extra hour to work after they arrive home. Full time farmers may not benefit.

Extending Daylight Saving Time Opponents argued:

School Children - will possibly wait in the pitch dark for the school bus. Example, in Louisville, Kentucky sunrise will occur at 8:01 on March 11, 2007, however, Louisville schools currently begin classes at 7:40 for middle and high school.

Business - the airline industry claims it will cost millions of dollars to adjust schedules

Computers, Clocks and Gadgets - many electronic devices automatically adjust for day light saving time. Some of these devices will show incorrect times. Some computer software will have to be reprogrammed