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she is famous for alway's being kind to everyone

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Did Princess Diana become a famous ballet dancer?

no, she did not. but it was her dream to become one.

When did Princess Diana become princess of Diana?

Princess Diana was officially named Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, on July 29, 1981. (when she had her wedding)

Who is more famous lady gaga or Princess Diana?

Princess Diana

Who helped Princess Diana become famous?

Diana became famous when she married Prince Charles. She was styled and given help by the royal court.

At what age did Princess Diana become princess?

At the age of 20 she became Princess Diana

Why lady Diana was able to become celebrity?

Well if you meen Princess Diana she became famous because she married a prince.

What famous people are named Diana?

* Diana Ross, singer * Princess Diana (deceased princess of Whales)

Who is more famous Princess Diana or Dolly Parton?

princess diana bcos she was murdered.....

What did Princess Diana do at the Institute Alpin Videmanette?

because princess diana wants to be famous

How did Diana become Princess of Wales?

Diana became the Princess of Wales the only way a woman can become the Princess of Wales, she married the Prince of Wales.

When did Princess Diana become princess?

Diana Spencer became Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles in 1981. The wedding was on July 29, 1981.

Did Princess Diana become Muslim?


How did Princess Diana become a princess?

Princess Diana became a princess after she married prince Charles. The prince of Wales and heir to the throne of England.

What did Princess Diana do to become a princess?

She married Prince Charles.

Was Princess Diana the first normal girl to become a princess?


Why Princess Diana became famous?

She died

Who was the most famous princess?

Real princess diana of whales disney princess=cinderella

Who is more famous Princess Diana or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Sonic the Hedgehog is the most famous.Princess Diana, She was born first..And she was buried in a special cemetery.Sonic the hedgehog is just a character.Hes not really as famous as Diana.

When did Princess Diana first become a princess?

29 July 1981.

How did Princess Diana become a leader?


Is Princess Diana a famous American?

Nope. British.

Who is more famous Shrek or Princess Diana?


Who is more famous Dolly Parton or Princess Diana?


Who is more famous Mario or Princess Diana?


Famous people whose name begins with the letter D?

Diana ... Princess Diana.

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