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Why did Quakers not wear coloured clothes?

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Quakers have always set store by leading plain and sober lives - and this has traditionally included dress.

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What did Quakers wear in the 19th century?

Quakers wear clothing like ugly clothing they wear things like touse in there shirts and nice clean clothes

What colour did the Quakers wear during the great famine?

well what ever clothes they can find....But if the owner was kind they will give clothes to wear.......

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Skirts and a tartan coloured with their names colours like all the other pufs

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Why did the Quakers wear clothing that looks like amish clothes?

In long ago days, Quakers dressed plainly to differentiate themselves as simple people who did not put a lot of importance on fancy clothes, jewels, etc. Simplicity is one of the guiding principles of Quakerism.

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How did Quakers dress?

In clothes like most humans, although for many years they dressed plainly and many did not wear modern fashions. Amish women wear bonnet's, and dresses. Amish men often wear hats.

What stuff did a jester do?

A jester would entertain the Lord/Lady/Baron/King/Queen. They would usually do this during meal times. Jesters traditionally wear brightly coloured clothes. They would also wear a brightly coloured hat with bells on the end. Jesters did entertain during meals but whether this was the usual time depended on what type of entertainer they were who employed them. There was no tradition of wearing 'brightly' coloured clothes and wearing a cap with bells on. In fact for most of the time jesters wore normal 'court' clothes and dressed up in special clothes (but still not necessarily the well known motley or parti coloured costume with cap and bells) only during festivals or special events.