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Elizabeth I had one sister, Queen Mary I of England, and a brother, King Edward VI of England. She did not kill either of them. She did, however, authorise the killing of her cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.

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When did Queen Elizabeth I kill her half sister?

She didn't kill her. Mary died of natural causes on 17th, November 1558 with no issue and is the reason Elizabeth became the Queen.

Did Mary I kill Elizabeth I?

No. Elizabeth became Queen of England and Ireland when her half-sister Mary I died.

What was Queen Elizabeth half sister?

Mary Queen of Scots was a cousin to Elizabeth I. Mary I of England was Queen Elizabeth I's half sister.

Did Queen Mary kill Queen Elizabeth?

She didn't kill her. Queen Mary I died and Queen Elizabeth assended the throne. Queen Elizabeth I did have Mary Queen of Scots excuted in 1567 for plotting with the Pope to kill her.

Did Queen Elizabeth 1 imprison her sister?

No she could'nt have, her sister or half-sister Mary 1 was Queen before Elizabeth and it was Mary who imprisioned Elizabeth for a short time. Mary was the only sister Elizabeth had.

Who reigned before Queen Elizabeth I?

Before Queen Elizabeth her sister Mary I was queen.

What religion was Queen Elizabeth the 1st sister?

Queen Elizabeth I's sister would've been Queen Mary who was Roman Catholic

What was the name of Queen Elizabeth's sister?

Elizabeth II or Elizabeth I?Elizabeth II's sister was Margaret

Did Mary Queen of Scots kill her half sister elizabeth?

You are confused. Mary I of Scotland (Mary Queen of Scots) was the daughter of Elizabeth's cousin. Elizabeth's half-sister was Mary I of England (Bloody Mary). She obviously did not kill her as Elizabeth had a long and fruitful reign after Mary's death.

Who tried to kill Queen Elizabeth I?

Queen Mary, but she could not. She thought Elizabeth wanted to kill her, but when they told her to sign the contract to kill Elizabeth, she said no.

Who Queen elizabeth sister?

Queen Elizabeth's sister was the late Princess Margaret.

Did Queen Elizabeth have sisters?

The queen had a younger sister.

Did Mary queen of Scots have a half sister named Elizabeth I?

No. Mary Queen of Scots was a cousin of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Elizabeth I had a half sister Mary, who was Queen Mary I of England - a different person from Mary Queen of Scots.

Did Queen Elizabeth I hate her sister?


Who preceeded Elizabeth I?

You mean Elizabeth I? Her sister, Queen Mary

Who did Queen Elizabeth 1 succeed?

Her sister Queen Mary.

How did Elizabeth reach her goal of becoming Queen?

Elizabeth I - she became Queen when her sister died. Elizabeth II - she became Queen when her father died.

Who was the sister of queen Mary?

queen Mary the first sister was queen Elizabeth but both sisters had different mothers

How did Queen Elizabeth the first rule?

Queen Elizabeth I ruled after her sister Mary. She was in line for the thrown.

Did Queen Elizabeth help kill her grandson?

Answer Queen Elizabeth I had no grandchildren. Queen Elizabeth II's grandchildren are all still alive.

What age was Queen Elizabeth ll crowned?

The age Queen Elizabeth was Crowned Was straight after her eldest sister. I am not going to tell you because it is straight forward to know the answer. All you have to do is find out the statistics bout Queen Elizabeth the first (I). New answer: Queen Elizabeth is the elder sister in her family. Her younger sister Margaret was never crowned.

Has Queen Elizabeth have any sisters or brothers?

Queen Elizabeth I had one half sister, Mary, and two half brothers, Edward VI and Henry FitzRoy. Queen Elizabeth II had one sister, Margaret.

Was Charlotte Queen Elizabeth sister?

yes she is

Who did Mary I leave the throne to when she died?

Her sister Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth I).

Was Elizabeth popular after her sister was beheaded?

Elizabeth I sister was not beheaded. It was her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots who was executed.