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Roosevelt's New Deal Roosevelt introduced the New Deal in response to the Great Depression of the 1930s which started when the Stock Market crashed in 1929. The New Deal was intended to help people get back on their feet and make the economy solvent again. Input from other contributors:

  • The New Deal was introduced to transform America's economy which had been shattered by the Wall Street Crash. The downturn that followed the Wall Street Crash also had a psychological impact on America and that Roosevelt was actually doing something did a great deal to boost America's self-esteem. In Roosevelt's first Hundred Days many acts were introduced which made the basis of the New Deal. The New Deal was to cover as many issues that could be solved ; social, economic, financial etc. The New Deal introduced acts that became part of the law and various agencies that worked with the government, ensuring that the acts were kept. The country got in a state of depression because Hoover had offered no alternative to the Republican view of leaving people alone and that problems will sort themselves out without the help of the government. Roosevelt had strong personal beliefs. He believed in an 'active Government' to improve the lives of ordinary people. He also had a firm belief in the 'American Dream.' That meant that anyone who worked hard enough could become rich. This became a strong ethos that many Americans believed in. Roosevelt knew that he could bring America into recovery with the New Deal and the many agencies and acts that were to be passed to solve issues raised by the depression.
  • The New Deal was a political campaign tactic for Roosevelt. Dressing it up more than that is just looking at history with rose colored glasses. If a president used language like this today we'd see it for what it is: pure politics.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt introduced the new deal because of several reasons, one of the main reasons were because he wanted to take America out of the depression and wanted to transform America's economy which had been shattered by the Wall Street Crash, as well as this he wanted an active government, also he wanted to fulfil the American dream. Roosevelt planned to use the full power of the government to do this. In Roosevelt's first Hundred Days many acts were introduced which made the basis of the New Deal.

Roosevelt was also an excellent politician. He knew the New Deal programs, many of doubtful constitutionality, would be immensely popular with his supporters and get him and his party re-elected.

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Q: Why did Roosevelt introduce the New Deal?
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