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Why did Russia defeat Germany?

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2010-03-28 18:02:30

The Russians defeated Nazi Germany because of what the Germans

did to the civilian population of Mother Russia when Hitler's

armies invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. When the Nazis

retreated, millions of Russians were executed for helping out

partisans who operated behind German lines and for being


At first it looked as though the Nazis were going to defeat

Russia. However, three things prevented this. First, Hitler changed

his mind about attacking Moscow and chose, instead, to use his

forces to take the capital of the Ukraine-Kiev. Second, the Germans

didn't expect to arrive in Russia so early, during the cold, frosty

winter that is known as the "General Winter." Third, the Russians

used their newest tanks -- the T-34/76 and the KV-1 -- in the

Battle of Moscow. The T-34/76 had sloped armor, which deflected the

shells fired by the Panzer IVs. Consequently, the Russian tank

crews were able to destroy the Panzer units with no problem.

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