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Why did Russia defeat Germany?

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The Russians defeated Nazi Germany because of what the Germans did to the civilian population of Mother Russia when Hitler's armies invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. When the Nazis retreated, millions of Russians were executed for helping out partisans who operated behind German lines and for being Jewish.

At first it looked as though the Nazis were going to defeat Russia. However, three things prevented this. First, Hitler changed his mind about attacking Moscow and chose, instead, to use his forces to take the capital of the Ukraine-Kiev. Second, the Germans didn't expect to arrive in Russia so early, during the cold, frosty winter that is known as the "General Winter." Third, the Russians used their newest tanks -- the T-34/76 and the KV-1 -- in the Battle of Moscow. The T-34/76 had sloped armor, which deflected the shells fired by the Panzer IVs. Consequently, the Russian tank crews were able to destroy the Panzer units with no problem.

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Why did France Russia and Spain want to defeat Germany?

cuz Germany attacked them first

When did Russia Stalingrad defeat Germany?

2 February 1943

How did Germany defeat Russia on the eastern front?

Germany was able to defeat Russia on the eastern front because it had knowledge of the Russian army. With this knowledge they were able to know what the Russians were doing and plan accordingly.

How did alliances help start the Great War?

Because it helped to defeat Germany. If Germany fought only Russia and Russia had no alliances, Russia would have been destroyed.

Why did Britan get involved with World War 1?

To help France and Russia defeat Germany. Britain wanted Germany to lose WWI, so they joined France and Russia. Britain was worried that if Germany won WWI, they would be too powerful for England to defeat by themselves, so they joined France and Russia and declared war on Germany.

In what month and year did Germany defeat Poland?

Germany invaded Poland September 1, 1939, but defeat did not occur until Russia arrived on September 17, 1939.

How did the US and the Allies defeat Germany and the Axis powers?

The large troops of the US and the military resources at their disposal helped US and Allies defeat Germany the Axis of Power. Another reason was the invasion of Russia by Germany.

What was not part of Lenin's plan for governing Russia?

Russia's army would prepare to defeat Germany

When did the USSR defeat Germany?

The Allies, which included Russia, defeated Germany at the end of the Second World War, September 2, 1945.

Did Germany defeat Russia in World War 2?

No, it was the other way round. At the end of the war, Soviet forces were deep inside Germany.

What was not part of Lenins plan for governing Russia?

Russia's army would prepare to defeat Germany. <-------NovaNET answer!!

Who won the war from German and Poland?

The Allied Forces defeated Germany and freed Poland from the Nazi occupation. Russia came in from the East to defeat Germany.

Why did Germany need to implement the schlieffen plan?

Germany needed to implement the Schlieffen Plan because they wanted to quickly defeat France. Germany also wanted to turn on Russia.

What caused the schlieffen plan?

Germany wanted to defeat France on the Western front and then hurry to the East and fight Russia

Can Germany defeat US in war?

My assumption. Germany cannot defeat US. But France can. But Germany can defeat France.

Under the schlieffen plan what country was Germany focusing on to defeat first?

France in the West and then rushing east to fight russia

Did Russia defeat Germany?

It was one of the countries, who fought against Germany during the WW1 and WW2. As the result of the Revolution of 1917, Russia capitulated during the WW1. But in 1945 in course of the WW2, it defeated Germany and captured half part of it. This part became the GDR afterwards.

How did Stalingrad battle effect Germany?

The battle of Stalingrad bled the Germany army dry in Russia. This battle was fought during the winter of 1942 to 1943.ÊThe Germany army was in full retreat after this defeat.

What is Prussia in today's map?

Poland and Russia divided up the Prussian districts of Germany after Germany's defeat in World War II.

Did the Soviet Union defeat Germany in the Battle of Stalingrad?

Russia defeated the German Army at the Battle of Stalingrad (February 2, 1943) .

Why was the defeat of Germany the Allies top priority?

The defeat of Germany was the top priority of the Allies because it was believed that Germany's defeat would assure the defeat of Italy and Japan. The defeat of Italy or Japan would not necessarily assure the defeat of Germany.

What was Joseph Stalin plan for Germany?

he planned to defeat Germany after he had dealt with Japan. He thought it was important he dealt with Japan first though just in case they sided with Germany and attacked Russia. He was therefore very protective of Russia and made lots of promises which he kept. Stalin never went to war with Japan. His plan involving Germany was to buy time until Germany would invade Russia and use the vast distance between Germany and Moscow to keep them from victory.

Why did Russia invade Germany and Austria- Hungary during World War 1?

Russia saw it self as protecttor of the Orthodox Christianity and the slavic peopleit sufferd an embarissing defeat by Japan in 1905 and wanted to fix its reputation that's why it invaded Austria- Hungary before Austria- Hungary invaded Serbia it made a pact wwith Germany that if it attacked by Russia Germany would attack Russia

How many miles is it from Germany to Russia?

There is 3,366 mi from Germany to Russia

Where did Germany and Russia fight?

Germany wanted to take over russia.