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Two days before WrestleMania IX, Hulk Hogan was injured in a jet-ski accident. That explains the shiner he had when he wrestled at WrestleMania IX. WWE claims a jet ski accident. Other resources say it was Savage who punched him. The story behind that was that Hogan and Savage's wife, Elizabeth, had been having an affair. Now WWE tried to do a storyline like this before and it worked with the crowd but in REAL life it led to an actual affair. Savage, who at the time was great friends with Hogan, found out about it. Both Hogan and Savage worked things out. But apparently the affair continued and Savage ended up giving Hogan a black eye before WMIX. Savage and Elizabeth divorced after 9 years of marriage. But WWE and most claim it was a jet ski accident. I guess you just need to ask them for the real answer. Mr. Hounderz in hogans book he said it was a jet ski, he lied so the athletic commissoner would let him wrestle

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Q: Why did Savage punch Hogan in the eye before WrestleMania IX?
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