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Why did Serbia join World War 1?


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February 18, 2011 3:13AM

Serbia didn't join WWI. It was the first country attacked. Attacked by Austria Hungary.

REASON: Austria Hungary was always trying to expand and downwards was the easiest and Serbia was "downwards". In order to gain Serbia's land, Austria Hungary gave an ultimatum to Serbia that was so absurd and ridiculous that Serbia wouldn't be able to fulfill it and TA-DA! WAR! Actually the beginning of WWI to be exact.

Actually it wasn't just "TA-DA" and there was war. Before war broke out Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria/Hungary went to Serbia to appear during a Serbian parade. This is when the terrorist organization "The Black Hand" attempted to kill Franz Ferdinand. Two of the nine assassins attempted to shoot Ferdinand, but both missed. Then a driver was told to escort Franz Ferdinand out of Serbia staying only on the main roads. The driver did so but accidentally turned into an alley thinking it was a main road. He immediately tried to reverse as soon as he realized it was an alley, but this immediate attempt to reverse caused the car to stall. Meanwhile a man named Gavrilo Princip was eating at a sandwich shop on the corner of the alley where Franz Ferdinand's car had stalled. Gavrilo Princip was part of "The Black Hand". He saw his opportunity and ran outside and fired two shots. The first hit Franz Ferdinand in the neck, and the second hit Ferdinand's wife in the stomach. They both died on the way to the hospital. This assassination is what started the war. Not "TA-DA"