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In the first place the idea of the seven ages of man was not found by Shakespeare. This idea had been around for a long time, and finds its origin in a Latin phrase. Shakespeare was only the man to voice the idea, and in that he succeeded very well.

The number seven is probably derived from the seven sins. The number seven can be found several times throughout The Bible and can be seen as some sort of symbol.

If you would like to know more about the origin of this famous quote, I refer you to the Wikipedia page on the 'all the world's a stage'.

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Q: Why did Shakespeare categorize man into seven ages in his poem The Seven Ages of Man Why not 5 or 10?
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Who wrote seven ages?

William Shakespeare

What is a justice in Williams Shakespeare's the seven ages of man?

A justice is a judge.

Seven ages of man speech comes from which shakespeare play?

It is from the comedy As You Like It.

What are the seven ages in William Shakespeare's The Seven Ages of Man?

Infant school boy lover soldier justice old age second childhood

What is the theme of of the seven ages of man according to William shakespeare?

He never said. Oh, he wrote the "seven ages of man" speech alright, but he did not say what its theme was.

What is an example of alliteration in The Seven Ages Of Man by William Shakespeare?

"Shrunk shank" is the best.

What are the seven ages of man in Shakespeare?

Infant school boy lover soldier justice old man and death These are the seven ages of man as set out in a speech by Jaques in As You Like It.

What qualities does the justice represent in the seven ages of man?

In the "Seven Ages of Man", by William Shakespeare, the justice represents the stage where a person believes he has acquired wisdom. He is sitting back and relaxing.

How many syllables are in the seven ages of man?

In the words "The seven ages of man" there are seven syllables.

How does the infant act in william shakespeare's the seven ages of man?

The infant is mewling and puking in his nurse's arms.

What is the summary of the poem ' Seven ages ' by William Shakespeare?

it is just saying that how the generation are changing day by day

What descriptions of the seven ages of man can you think of?

It is pretty hard to describe them better than Shakespeare already did.

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