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Why did Sir Thomas Wyatt rebel?

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Sir Thomas Wyatt the poet did not rebel. His son, Thomas the younger, did. He was opposed to Mary's marriage to Philip of Spain. Originally, several influential lords were with him, but they left him out to dry. He was beheaded, leaving several children. One of his descendents was the Governor of Virginia: Sir Francis Wyatt.

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What has the author Thomas Wyatt written?

Thomas Wyatt has written: 'Selected Poems' 'Poetical Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt (Select Bibliographies Ser)' 'Collected poems' 'Collected poems of Sir Thomas Wyatt' 'A manual of conchology' -- subject(s): Mollusks

Why was thomas wyatt important?

Sir Thomas Wyatt was a 16th-century English lyrical poet credited with introducing the sonnet into English.

Why was Sir Thomas Wyatt executed?

because he made a plot to overthrow Mary Queen of Scotts; this was because Mary was Catholic and Thomas Wyatt wanted a protestand ruler.

What famous work was written by sir thomas?

Sir Thomas More wrote Utopia. Sir Thomas Malory wrote The Morte D'Arthur. Sir Thomas Wyatt wrote "They flee from me that sometime do me seek" and other poems. Sir Thomas Browne wrote Religio Medici. Sir Thomas Littleton wrote On Tenures. Sir Thomas Crapper wrote nothing but thank heaven for him.

Who is the 16th century poet who is credited with introducing the sonnet into English poetry?

Thomas WyattSir Thomas Wyatt (1503 - 1542) introduced the Italian sonnet into English poetry

Who brought the Italian sonnet to England?

Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard Kidd

What are 2 great poets from the united kingdom?

Sir Philip Sydney and Thomas Wyatt.

Who was a famous writer in England during the Renaissance era?

The Renaissance was from 1485 to 1603 and some of the famous writers were Sir Thomas Moore, Henry VIII, Sir Thomas Wyatt to name 3.

The long love that in your thought doth harbor?

"The Long Love that in my Thought doth Harbour," is a poem written by Sir Thomas Wyatt. Wyatt was an English poet during the Renaissance.

When did Thomas Wyatt Turner die?

Thomas Wyatt Turner died in 1978.

When was Thomas Wyatt Turner born?

Thomas Wyatt Turner was born on 1877-03-16.

When was Thomas Wyatt - poet - born?

Thomas Wyatt - poet - was born in 1503.

When did Thomas Wyatt - poet - die?

Thomas Wyatt - poet - died in 1542.

The meaning of the poem the lover showeth how he is forsaken by Sir THomas Wyatt?

is the sonnet fickle, fun-loving, old fashion or materialistic?

What type of poem is Whoso List to Hunt by Sir Thomas Wyatt?

it is a love sonnet.wyatt was the first englishman to bring the Italian sonnet to England.

Who created the first sonnet?

The first sonnets were created by writers Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard. The sonnet became popular in the 13th century.

When was Thomas Russell - rebel - born?

Thomas Russell - rebel - was born in 1767.

When did Thomas Russell - rebel - die?

Thomas Russell - rebel - died in 1803.

What has the author Thomas Eugene Wyatt written?

Thomas Eugene Wyatt has written: 'Chilton County and her people' -- subject(s): Biography, History

Who was Sir Thomas Dale?

Sir thomas dale was an english naveal commander who died in august of 1619. Sir thomas dale was knighted by king james to become sir thomas dale of surry.

When was Sir Thomas Millington born?

Sir Thomas Millington was born in 1628.

When did Sir Thomas Millington die?

Sir Thomas Millington died in 1704.

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