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most of the rulers want power. By killing innocents, they produce fear and hence power and control.

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Did Joseph Stalin treat his people fairly?

Joseph Stalin was a ruthless ruler that did not treat his people fairly. He was known to spy on who he considered friends and enemies alike.

What people did Stalin kill?

Stalin was paranoid, and he not only killed his actual enemies, but also killed many other people whom he feared might secretly be his enemies, and those whom he suspected might potentially become his enemies, or enemies of the Soviet state which he ruled. During the reign of Stalin, no one in the USSR or its satellite states was safe. And even Leo Trotsky, one of the founders of the Soviet state, was hunted down and killed in Mexico, by agents of Stalin.

How did Stalin convinvce his people to support him?

by shooting his political opponents

How did Joseph Stalin abuse his power?

By killing his political enemies and enslaving the Russian people, and for dominating Eastern Europe & playing his part in the Cold War. Apart from that I'm sure his mother loved him.......

How Stalin defeated trotsky?

Stalin used his post as General Secretary of the Communist Party to remove people close to his enemies. Once he had removed all Trotsky's allies, Stalin could take over.

Who are the target market of coke?

ofcourse inocent people.

What kinds of people were killed in holocaust?

inocent people were killed at holcaust

How may people did Joseph Stalin kill?

The lowest estimates put it at 3 million. The highest estimates put the number at 60 million. But the most accepted number is around 20 million people, give or take a few million. These deaths came either through starvation, based on Stalin's collectivism ideas or from political show trials held by Stalin to liquidate perceived political enemies within the USSR.

What were some of the propaganda techniques Stalin used?

Stalin usually used Bandwagon and Fear method to manipulate the people. He used posters which have large groups of people smiling to Stalin and clapping for him. Also he used posters, films and books to put the idea into people's mind that the enemies are everywhere.

How did Stalin's genocide happen?

Stalin's genocide occurred because Joseph Stalin along with other fought for power over the Ukrainians after Lenin died. Kulaks were pronounced as the enemies of the people. Stalin was quite convincing and the people of Ukrainian trusted him at first. Clearly. Stalin and the soviet union neglected the peoples' trust.

What were the Nazi targeting?

Jewish people, homosexuals, Gypsies, disabled people, Polish people, political enemies, dissenting clergy and etc.

Significance of Stalin?

Stalin was the leader of the Soviet Union after Lenin's death. He was one of the most murderous dictators in modern history. He killed thousands of his own people in the Great Terror of 1930 as he purged what he considered enemies of the state.

What kinds of people did Stalin kill?

Unlike Hitler, Stalin committed genocide against a wide variety of people. They included Russian Muslims, Germans, Don Cossacks, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Poles, Ukrainians, and political dissidents.

How many innocent people died in the American Revolution?

About 50 Inocent people die in American revalotion

How many people inocent people died on sept 11th?

over 6000 people died druring 9/11

What are the main ideas in the Hindu religion?

they believe in reincarnation and love to kill inocent people.

How many people did Joseph Stalin?

Many people are saying that Joseph Stalin killed 20 million people. WRONG.... Stalin killed 42 million people.

What did people call Joseph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin

What was the goal of Stalin?

The major goal of Stalin was to consolidate all power in his own hands. He attempted this by surrounding himself with loyal associates and by getting rid of all his political opponents. The methods he used were typical of ruthless dictators. He used physical force and political methods. Opponents were declared enemies of communism and jailed or executed. Many were banished to Siberian prisons. He even ordered the extermination of large groups of people in Russia, like the wealthy class of peasants. Fear was the main tactic Stalin used to remain in power cause his surrounding consisted mainly of Jewish agents.

What game did Hitler play as a kid?

kill the Jewish inocent people in a gas chamber 2

What groups of people were imprisoned or executed by Stalin?

Kulaks, political opponents (imaginary as well as well real), people whose ideas were considered eccentric and people who just didn't fit in.

Who are the people who are being killed in the genocide in Darfur in the Sudan?

i think it is just people who just happen to be there at that time, inocent bystanders.

Why was Stalin liked by his people?

Joseph Stalin was a brutal dictator feared by his people.

What were their differences Hitler and Stalin?

Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union, while Hitler was the dictator of Germany. It's estimated that the death toll of people who were killed by Stalin is approximately 20 million. Hitler killed six million Jewish people during the Holocaust. They eventually became enemies when Hitler's army violated a pact saying that Hitler and Stalin promise not to invade each other's countries and fight against each other. Most people say that Stalin was history's worst dictator ever. Stalin was the world's #1 killer and he was far more worse than Hitler and Vladimir Lenin.

Why did the people want to kill Abraham Lincoln?

Private citizen extremist political enemies disagreed with Lincoln's policies assassinated him.

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