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Because the radio ratings have came out in mid March and WGCI went from no.3 to the lower middle of the pack with other radio stations.

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Why did John O'Hurley leave Family Feud?

He got replaced by Steve Harvey. O'Hurley replaced Steve Karn (Home Improvement) in 2006 and did Family Feud for 4 years. The 1999 syndicated version was hosted by Louie Anderson, Steve Karn, John O'Hurley, and Steve Harvey.

Why did Jackie reed leave the Steve Harvey morning radio show?

Because Jackie was a witch. Tom Joyner is about ready to fire her

Where can you take a train in new York to get to Chicago?

All Amtrak intercity trains leave from Penn Station.

Why did Steve Perry leave Journey?

Steve had to leave because of a problem with his hips.

Application to the principal for station leave?

The application to the principal for station leave should include the reasons for the leave. The application should also include the length of the leave.

What station did hogwarts express leave from?

Kings Cross station.

Why did Steve leave Blue's Clues?

Steve, the character, went off to college.Steve, the actor, simply decided to leave the series. No he did not die. He started a rock band called Steve Burns and the Struggle.

Lists of songs that was played on Steve Harvey morning show today?

There are several songs that are played on this show. They include Far Away, Hope She Cheats on You, Fool For You, Don't Ever Leave, and Bad Habits.

Can the station ever leave the train?

You can take the train out of the station, but you can't take the station out of the train.

Who did Steve Jobs leave his money to?


What station in London does the train leave for hogswart?

King's Cross Station, platform 9¾

Which London station does the train to Hog-warts leave?

Kings Cross Station

Why did Michael Savage leave Tampa radio station?

Probably the contract with that station expired.

Will a play station or game boy leave an imprint on a flat screen tv?

will a play station or Gameboy leave a imprint on a big screen tv

How do you write an out of station intimation leave application?

An out of station leave application can be something simple like: I am requesting Friday (date) and Monday (date) off. I will be leaving on Friday and returning on Monday, so I will be out of station.

Who sang 'If You Leave Me Now'?

Chicago :P Peter Cetera from Chicago

Why did Steve from blue's clues leave?

He went to college.

Why did they replace Steve in Blues Clues?

The reason behind Joe replacing Steve on "Blue's Clues" is because Steve elected to leave the show.

Did Anthony Improgo leave Metro Station?

Yep :(

Why does Percy leave Grover at the bus station What would you have done in his place?

Waiting some good condition

What station and platform does the Hogwarts Express leave from?

Kings Cross Station, at Platform 9 3/4

How you write a leave letter to boss due to you are going out of station?

dear sir please grant me a leave for 3days i.e 6th Aprils to 9th April as i am going out station

If you leave las Vegas at 3.30pm what time do you get to Chicago?

A flight from Las Vegas to Chicago takes about 3 hours and 4 minutes. If you leave Las Vegas at 3.30 pm, the time you get to Chicago will be 6.34 pm.

Did Steve Tyler leave aerosmith?

no but the band might kick him out

How and why did Steve Jobs leave apple computer?

Health reasons.