Why did Stonewall Jackson eat so many lemons- did he have a lot of health problems?

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Because you touch yourself at night
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Who was Stonewall Jackson?

Stonewall Jackson was a leading Confederate general during theCivil War. He was loved by his staff and men and was a devout Christian,proven by the fact that he would report all of his victories bystarting with "By God's grace.." Another answer: Lieutenant-General Thomas Jonathan Jackson was ( Full Answer )

Is eating a lot of ice bad for your health?

Answer Eating is bad for your teeth. It causes them to become cold and brittle, making it easier to break them while biting down hard on ice. This information comes from the American Dental Association. Additionally, chewing ice is a symptom of anemia. This is your body telling you that you need ( Full Answer )

What are the health benefits of eating lemons?

Lemons are very good for your body! These sourpusses help your whole body, if you can manage the pucker. Romans thought they were so powerful that they could cure poison! Lemons are high in Vitamin C, which everyone needs for their daily diet. Lemons can lower a fever, prevent invections, help to he ( Full Answer )

Is Andrew Jackson Stonewall Jackson?

No. "Stonewall" Jackson was Thomas Jonathan Jackson-- Stonewall wasa nickname he gained while a Confederate general in the Civil War. President Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 and died in 1845. General Stonewall Jackson was born in 1824 and died during the warin 1863, ironically as a result of "frie ( Full Answer )

Can eating tar cause health problems?

Depends on the amount of tar that was consumed and how long it has been going on. Tar contains creosote which, if consumed, can cause throat, mouth and stomach pains. Severe skin irritation, eye burns, convulsions, unconsciousness, and even death have resulted from the consumption of large amounts o ( Full Answer )

What did Stonewall Jackson do?

Jackson turned the battle around at Bull Run (Manassas). The day was going against the Rebel Army. An officer road by Jackson saying this. Jackson said, "If you think so, Sir, don't say anything more about it". From that moment on, Jackson found the best available ground to take a stand. The Union ( Full Answer )

What health problems come from eating disorders?

Definately!!!!!! Eating disorders can be fatal and if you know someone with a eating disorder or you have one stop!! if being skinny is worth their life that's pathetic. Also they can make you fatter than before cause your metabolism goes down and you cant burn fat as well.

Who shot Stonewall Jackson?

There are so many versions of this story that it seems something is being covered up. We know that his patrol returned to camp in the evening, and the sentry could not tell whether their uniforms were blue or grey, especially as they were covered in dust. When the sentry challenged them, it seems ( Full Answer )

How many times did Stonewall Jackson get married?

General Thomas J. Jackson was married twice. His first wife was Elinor Junkin whom he married August 4, 1853. She died October 22, 1854 from complications in child birth. His second wife was Mary Anna Morrison whom he married in 1857.

What are the health risks of eating lemons?

it could hurt something in your tummy if you eat loads and there is some more things but i dont know them but they are 4x healther than apples! . it could hurt something in your tummy if you eat loads and there is some more things but i dont know them but they are 4x healther than apples!

Who was Stonewall Jackson and what did he do?

Thomas Jackson was a General in the Confederate Army , and probably second only to Robert E. Lee in skill as a military tactician. He was given the nickname Stonewall at the first battle of Manassas. He died after being mistakenly shot by one of his own sentries.

What health problems did Michael Jackson have?

Michael Jackson had a skin disorder (vitiligo) as well as lupus, and according to the autopsy he had arthritis of the spine and fingers and inflammation of the lungs.

How many battles was Thomas Stonewall Jackson in?

Jackson earned his nickname in the first big battle of the war, the First Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas) in July 1861. From April to June 1862, as an independent commander, he led the southern forces in "The Valley Campaign" in the Shenandoah Valley. This is the only campaign of the war still rele ( Full Answer )

Do puggles have a lot of health problems?

I own a puggle, and her heath is perfectly fine. She is a little over weight but I think that's due to the pug in her. I doesn't help she can jump super high and is able to get on tables, so she tends to eat our dinner off of the stove some time;)

Can eating paper cause health problems?

Yes eating paper can cause various health problems. Eating papercan cause stomach damage among other internal body problems.

Can eating too many fruits cause health problems?

too much fruit has been proved to have some negative effects, such as incompitient diarrhea, stages of increased risk to some unsustainabl disease/illnesses such as alchziemer's and parkinsons. just do your research on areas such as the department of scientology and gynaecology productive medicinces ( Full Answer )

How many years did Stonewall Jackson serve?

Jackson entered the US Military Academy at West Point in 1842 and graduated in 1846. He served in the Mexican War and stayed in the US Army until 1861, so he served in the "old army for nine years or a little less. Jackson resigned from the Army to take a position as a professor at VMI - the Virg ( Full Answer )

When did Stonewall Jackson lose his arm?

At the Battle of Chancellorsville, when his party returned from a reconnaissance and the sentry was panicked into shooting them by a Confederate major who thought they were Union troops. Stonewall's left arm had to be amputated, causing Lee to utter the famous line "You have lost your left arm, and ( Full Answer )

Did Stonewall Jackson have values?

Jackson was an extremely religious man. He was married to the daughter of a well known Presbyterian minister. Jackson taught for a dozen years or so at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. While living in Lexington he taught a Sunday School class for black children. He hated to fight battle ( Full Answer )

What are health problems teens with an eating disorder?

I think you might need to rephrase your question because is makes no sense whatsoever. Don't worry about leaving a long question because if you do then you will get a more specific answer. Sorry to get your hopes up about this actually being answered.

What are health problems caused by eating snow?

you cannot get any health problems from eating snow it is just water frozen while falling through clouds of a lower temperature. now if u have Eaton snow that people have urinated on or in other ways disturbed yes u can get ill from it

Why did Stonewall Jackson stop eating butter?

He had never tasted butter until he was a young man. When he triedit for the first time he liked it so much he was afriad that hisdesire for it would hinder his relationship with God. It would become an idol.

Why do Great Danes have so many health problems?

Probably because they are very active and eat fast or a lot. like bloat can happen if you have ur dog eat and then it will run around and its stomach might twist. or they could get arthritis because of how much they run. they dont have a ton of them though.

How many children did Thomas Stonewall Jackson have?

One, a daughter named Julia. She was born during the war, and he only saw her once. She did not live to be very old, but she did grow up and get married. She had no children though. NEW RESPONDENT He got two daughters: Mary Graham Jackson born Feb. 1858 died May 1858. Julia Laura Jackson Born 18 ( Full Answer )

Do King Charles spaniels have a lot of health problems?

Cavalier King Charles are prone to eyes problems and heart problems, specifically MVD (Mitro Valve Disease) which is a heart problem that older Cavies can get. As long as you make sure that you get your Cavie from a good breeder, and that the parents' didn't have heart or eye problems, your dog shou ( Full Answer )

Why was Stonewall Jackson get his nickname stonewall?

I'm pretty sure it was because the soldiers under his command said he was as tough as a "stonewall" and it just stuck. I'm not sure, though. Look it up on Google; you can find anything, on that thing! Good Luck!

Where did Stonewall Jackson get the name stonewall?

At the First Battle of Bull Run, when a Confederate Brigadier called Barnard Bee shouted "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall!" It is not clear whether he was praising Jackson for his fortitude or criticising him for not coming across to help Bee's own brigade. Posterity has preferred the ( Full Answer )

Is having a lot of health problems dangerous for your body?

Having a lot of health problems could be dangerous for your body in terms of your body working harder than normal to do every day functions. Proper nutrition and an active lifestyle can help ease some of the problems you may be facing. You should consult a doctor to be sure that you are healthy enou ( Full Answer )

Can eating too many lemons negatively affect your health?

No, although eating too many lemons cannot seriously effect your health it can cause one problem. Eating to many lemons may cause a deficiency in the bladder and all of the hydroformic acids in the lemons may not be filtered out. This may cause a slight discoloration in your urine, often a light blu ( Full Answer )

How many megapixels does the iPhone 5c have?

The iPhone 5c has an 8 megapixel camera on the rear and a 1.2megapixel camera on the front. It has the same camera as the iPhone5 and the iPhone 5s.

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