Why did Ted Bundy kill so many women?

In his interview on the day before his execution, he sited that the core, burning motivation to kill was motivated by his unquenchable addiction to pornography. He said that viewing pornography started at an early age and it soon reached a point where viewing it was not enough. The thought of now acting out his erotic passions outweighed his sense of morality, logic and reason. His only sense of twisted logic & reasoning kicked-in when after raping his victim, killed them so as to leave no witness behind to identify him. This resulted in the initial and subsequent murders of various woman and girls.

//I think clarity is needed. The above answer is Bundy's version of the killer within. Pornography does not turn men (or women) into serial killers. The reason Bundy killed was inside of the man. Something in his genetic makeup when mixed with his environment of early childhood created the monster. It may be true that some serial killers do enjoy pornography, possibly because it may feed into their fantacies, the more violent, the better. But make no mistake, Ted Bundy, and only Ted Bundy, was responsible for the murders of so many women. He even had a name for it. The killer was refered to by Bundy as the 'Entity'. The Entity was Ted's scapegoat. Officially, it was a way to disassociate from what he can't or won't face up to. This is not uncommon in killers.

The above answer states that only hours from the electric chair and Bundy still will not take responsiblty for his crimes. Ted Bundy is not only the 'poster child' of serial murder, but the epitomy of antisocial personality disorder.