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Why did Texas want to be a free state from Mexico?

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One driving force was the issue of slavery. In order to profitably farm the large tracts of land they had received from Mexico they needed Slave Power to prepare the fields, harvest the crops and ship them to market. Without that manpower their ability to prosper was limited. Mexico did not allow the slave trade and the Texicans wanted it. They had taken up the land knowing that two conditions were attached. # You were required to be a Catholic. There was no requirement to practice that faith but you could openly practice no other and were sworn to be a Catholic as a condition of receiving the land and becoming a citizen of Mexico. # As a good and loyal citizen and as a good Catholic you could not enslave others. All the Anglo Americans knew the rules and had taken the oath. Modern thinkers insist that other freedoms brought about the need for Independence but the facts do not support that position.

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Did Texas want to join the US as a free or slave state?

no it was slave free

Why did the US orgininally refuse to allow Texas to become a state?

It would have to enter as a slave state. And they didn't want a war with Texas and Mexico.

Why did Texas not become a state immediately?

They did not want to be a state. Many of the people that went to Texas originally (when it was part of Mexico) had gone there to get away from the Federal Government of the US. So when they split from Mexico, they set up an independant country The Republic of Texas.

Why did Texas want to be independent from Mexico?

In 1821 Mexico won its independence from Spain. This meant that all territories belonging to Mexico were required to give up the right to be a slave state. Texas did not want to give up its slavery capabilities so they fought for independence from Mexico.

How did Mexico give us so much trouble during westward expansion?

Mexico gave us so much trouble because they didn't wanna lose people or land. They didn't want texas to become a free state

What serious problems did the republic of Texas face as a new nation?

The Republic of Texas faced attack from Native American tribes and Mexico, though Texas and MExico signed a peace treaty in 1844. Most Texans hoped that the U.S. would annex Texas, making it a state. The U.S. Congress also wanted to annex Texas. But then-President Andrew Jackson refused. He was concerned that admitting Texas as a slave state would upset the fragilie balance of free and slave states. The president also did not want to have a war with Mexico over Texas. (Jackson reckognized Texas as an independent nation later.) In 1845, under the presidency of J.K. Polk, Texas became a U.S. state.

Why did Mexico want to stop Americans from settling in Texas after 1824?

Because Mexico want to rape girls...

Why did Texas not join the US after San Jacinto?

Texas wanted to join the United States and the citizens also wanted Texas as a new state, but President Jackson refused because Texas was a slave state. Adding a slave state would upset the fragile balance of the free and slave states. Also, Mexico didn't fully consider Texas to be independent from them and if the United States took over Mexico, then that might cause war which Jackson did not want. Information from Holt California Social Studies - United States History: Independence to 1914

Why did Austin want to colonize Texas?

So he can give freedom to Texas from Mexico :)

Why did Mexico not want Texas to annex with the US?

Mexico had never ratified the Treaty of Velasco and considered Texas to be one of their states that was in revolt.

What was one reason the US did not want to annex texas?

South would gain too much power in congress because Texas was a slave state which meant they had to admit a free state to be equal.

Why did Mexico want American settlers in Texas?

Mexico wanted to stop the Indian attacks on Americans.

Why were some northerners opposed to Texas joining the US?

· Didn't want to the union to be unbalanced (too many slave states and not enough free states) · Didn't want conflict with Mexico

Why did some Americans not want Texas to become a state?

If it did become a state it would be a slave state and they did not want that.

What document did the Texans want Mexico to honor?

the declaration of independence of Texas

Why did Andrew Jackson not want to annex the republic of Texas?

Because he didnt want war with mexico

Is Mexico a free country?

Yes, it's free. A little too free.. Let's just say, you can do whatever you want in Mexico (Drug Cartels).

What happened to Texas after the Texas revolution?

After The Texans Won The War, They Began To Create An Independent Nation But They Really Wanted Texas To Join The U.S. This Didn't Happen At First Because Texas Was A Slave State, And Mexico Didn't Recognize Texas As An Independent Nation. So Many U.S. Citizens Rejected Texas Because Of Slavery And The Fact That They Didn't Want To Start A War With Mexico. Eventually, The U.S. Joined With Texas And Texas Sold Of Its Land To Help The U.S. Pay Texas Debts To Other Countries. This Outraged Mexico, And For Other Reasons (Manifest Destiny) The U.S. Went To War With Mexico, The Mexican, American War.

3 A major reason for delaying Texas annexation was?

1. mexico refused to reconize texas independence. 2. texas had slaves. 3. the united states didn't want to damage problems with mexico

Why did Mexican officials want to bring more settlers to Texas?

Why did Mexican officials want to bring more settlers to Texas?because they were trying to colonize Texas and make it part of Mexico.

Why did Jackson want to annex Texas?

There would be one more slave state than free states and it would unbalance the scale in congress.

What did Mexico want in the Mexican-American War?

To end Texas Independence.

Why did Mexico want settlers to come to Texas?

To colonize a sparsely populated land.

Why did Mexico want more settlers in Texas?

Because they had a low amount of settlers with them

What President did not want to admit Texas into the union?

president Jackson and trouble with Mexico