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Roosevelt built The West Wing because he was arthritic and couln't get to places very easily, so he made the places easier to get to.

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No Alice Hathaway lee Roosevelt was not active in the white house or in Theodore Roosevelt career.

William Howard Taft followed Roosevelt in the White House.

No. Theodore Roosevelt banned the White House Tree.

He had a lot of pets in the white house with him.

The white house before Teddy Roosevelt the white house was called The Presidents Palace or the Executive Mansion or the Presidents House.

President Theodore Roosevelt

1901 by president Thodore Roosevelt. 1901, by president Theodore Roosevelt.

Oct 12, 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt decided to call it "The White House".

Theodore Roosevelt gets credit for giving the White House its name.

Before Theodore Roosevelt gave it the name White House, it was known as the Executive Mansion.

Theodore Roosevelt also known as Teddy Roosevelt he also had many other pets in the white house when he served his term

Yes it was once called 'the president's house' but Theodore Roosevelt changed it to the White house.

It was President Theodore Roosevelt who was responsible for officially establishing The White House as the building's official name. Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first to have "The White House" printed on his official stationery.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first to have the White House printed on his official stationery.

John Adams, but Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to use the name White House.

Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to refer to the Executive Mansion as the White House.

President Theodore Roosevelt invited an African American named Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House. Booker was invited because he was a powerful southern republican at the time.

Theodore Roosevelt did not have a Christmas tree in the White House. I do not think he actually banned them

Theodore Roosevelt was the first to use "White House" on his official stationery. People started calling it the White House after it was painted white following its burning by the British in 1814.

No presidents are buried at the White house. Theodore Roosevelt is buried in a cemetery near his home at Oyster Bay, New York. Franklin Roosevelt is burird on the grounds of his estate at Hyde Park, NY.

I believe the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. But I'm not positive

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