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Why did Turkey go to war?

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Did turkey go to war in the first and second world wars?

The Republic of Turkey did not come into existence until 1923. So while the Republic of Turkey didn't go to war in the First World War, Turks did go to war under the flag of the Ottoman Empire, which was aligned with the Central Powers. In the Second World War, Turkey became a signatory to a treaty with the Allies in 1945 - at a time when it was a bit late to commit itself to the war.

Was the cold war in turkey?

Turkey was part of the cold war.

Who is Turkey at war with?

turkey was at war with britain,france,newzealand and australia

Where did Australia go first in World War 1?

Gallipoli, in Turkey, Eastern Mediterranean.

Where do you go to find turkey?

you go to the store or to turkey

Who will win turkey or israel?

turkey will win the war

Who was turkey supporting in World War 2?

In world war two, Turkey remained neutral.

What side did turkey join in World War I?

Turkey joined Germany in World War 1

Who was aligned with turkey World War 2?

Turkey was neutral

Was turkey netral during the world war 2?

No, turkey was an Axis power during the second world war.

What are the release dates for War in Turkey - 1913?

War in Turkey - 1913 was released on: USA: January 1913

What was the involvement of turkey in world war 1?

Turkey sided with Germany.

Who would win in a war between turkey and israel?

of course turkey

Which war did Australia fight in turkey?

World War I

What was Turkey called before World War 1?

Turkey did not exist before World War I, but the country whose territory would become Turkey post-war and was ruled by Turks prior to the war was the OTTOMAN EMPIRE.

Is there a turkey Webkinz?

it's will go out soon yes turkey , gobbler turkey and i think a golden Turkey

When did turkey enter World War 2?

Turkey declared war on Germany in Janaury 1945. It was no more than a gesture.

What did Turkey do in World War 2?

In World War 2 Turkey was neutral till Janaury 1945, then joined the Allies.

How do you wash a turkey?


Was Turkey an axis power in World War 2?

No. Turkey was a member of the Allies.

How was the country of turkey created?

Turkey was carved out of the Ottoman Empire after World War I.

Did Turkey have troops fighting in Vietnam?

No. Turkey was not involved in the Vietnam War. However, Turkey did contribute soldiers to the Korean War (which made that war the first time that Turks and Greeks fought on the same side in any conflict).

What was the trogen war?

A war between today's Greece and Turkey.

What war was florance nightingale a nurse in?

The Crimean War in Turkey

Why did turkey go to WW1?

Turkey had originally declared war on russia,subsequenly the entente powers doing the same to the ottoman empire.they had gone to war with russia becaus eof the on going threats russia made in their desire to control the Turkish straits.

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