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He only cut off one ear. He was in and out of various mental institutions. Here is the answer fromWhat_did_van_gogh_do_with_his_ear which I think answers the question well: The piece of his ear he severed he (in his view of romance) delivered to a prostitute he thought was his girlfriend. The prosaic version is that Vincent was going to attack Paul Gauguin with a razor, but changed his mind, went back and directed his rage at himself.\'t_Van_Gogh_gay&updated=1&waNoAnsSet=2
"Paul Gauguin has written a letter to a friend where he tells about the incident. Gauguin had left their common lodgings and after a while he heard steps behind him. When he turned around he saw Vincent standing there brandishing a razor. Gauguin stood still just looking at Vincent. Soon Vincent turned and went back to his room, wher he cut off part of his ear. After he had been bandaged he wrapped up the 'object' and sent to the prostitute you mentioned." - Pernys32

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Who was the artist who cut off his own ear?

Vincent van Gogh cut of part of one of his ears.

Why did Vincent van gogh only have one ear?

Vincent Van Gogh had two ears but he cut one ear off and sent it to his girlfriend.

Did Vincent van Gogh have only one ear?

No. After he cut a piece off he had 1 and 3/4 ears.

Why did Mozart cut off his ear?

you must be thinking of Vincent Van Gogh my friend! Mozart did not cut off his ear, Vincent Van Gogh did thought....

Did Vincent van Gogh cut of his hand?

No. He cut off his ear.

Who cut off his ear in impressionism?

Vincent Van Gogh

Did Michelangelo cut off his ear?

No, Vincent van Gogh did.

The famous artest who cut off his ear?

Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear.

What artist cut off his right ear?

Vincent Van Gogh.Vincent Van GoghVincent van Gogh cut off the lower part of his ear lobe. Then he wrapped in several tissue and handed it to a prostitute named Rachel.-Answerd by Christian Henry

Why did leonardo da vinci cut his ear off?

it was vincent van gogh that cut his ear off

How old was Vincent van Gogh when he cut his ear off?

He was 35.

Which painter cut off his own ear?

Vincent van Gogh did.

What did Vincent van Gogh do with his ear?

He cut off part of it with a razor.

Which dutch painter cut his ear off?

Vincent van Gogh

Did edvard munch cut off his ear?

No, Vincent van Gogh did.

Did Vincent van Gogh cut off his brother's ear?


How old was Vincent van goth when he cut off his ear?

Vincent van gogh cut his ear when he was at the age 30

Why did vincent van gogh cut his own ear off?

He was in a sword fight and his ear got cut off

How much of his ear did Vincent Van Gogh cut off?

he cut off his whole right ear with a razor

Which famous painter cut off his ears and mailed it to his lover as a token of his love?

Vincent van Gogh. And it was only half of his left ear, and it was not a love token.

Why did Pablo cut off one off his ears?

Pablo did not. Vincent did.

Where did Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off?

Arles (France)In his room.

Anything about Vincent van gogh?

he cut his ear off and he was a famous artist

Which Dutch painter cut off one of his earlobes?

Vincent van Gogh

Did Vincent van Gogh cut off ear for man or woman?

A man!