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Why did WWF change to WWE?


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The World Wildlife Foundation took The World Wrestling Federation to court to make them change their name.

The World Wildlife Foundation had their name first, and so the court mandated that the World Wrestling Federation change their name, in the past, present and future.
because it got to old

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WWF changed to WWE on May 5,2002.

The WWE is the WWF, just with a name change (and less attitude).

Its WWE now because there was something else called WWF so they had to change it.

wwe was called wwf until someone said change it into wwe wwf started in 1950

a new wrestling company opened up and it had the same initials as the WWF therefore WWF had to change its name to WWE.

WWF was changed to WWE, because there was another thing with an acronym that spelled WWF that was called world wildlife foundation and it was around before world wrestling federation so that got sued and changed it to WWE.

yes, wwe is the new version of wwf

You mean after they had to change their initials from WWF to WWE? Is so the answer is a hardcore title match.

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)'s name had to be changed to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund for use of the initials WWF.

wwf changed to wwe because wwf stole the trademark of the World Wildlife Foundation(wwf) and changed the name due to issues in court

2001 because the wildlife thing sued the wwe for having the same name

because the wwf which is now world wildlife fund did wwf too so they changed it to wwe

Because Vince McMahon Sr. wanted it to WWF and then Vince McMahon didn't like it so he change it to WWE.

They chaned in mid 2002 after the World Wildlife Fund (which you may notice is also WWF) won a lawsuit.

WWF/WWE = Debra Marshall

stone cold in wwf and john cena in wwe

Well, basically yes. But, WWF changed to WWE because WWF was already taken as "World Wildlife Federation" so that's why WWF is WWE. Vince McMahons Father Or Grandfather Found WWE in 1952.

back then it was called WWF March 1979, and back back then it was called WWWF (date unknown) and before that CWC 1952. if you mean the change from WWF to WWE is was in 2002

In my opinion, WWE is better than WWF because: -WWE has HD -WWE has newly improved moves and... -WWE has lots of great Superstars

wwe doesn't talk about wwf due to a lawsuit from the world wildlife fund (WWF) which doesn't allow the wwe to mention 'wwf' or display the logo, they can only say 'World Wrestling Federation'

WCW didn't become WWE, WWF became WWE. Back in the late 1990's-early 2000s, both wrestling promotions WWF and WCW were feuding with each other in the ratings, until WWF bought WCW out and now no longer exists. The reason WWF became WWE is because the World Wildlife Foundation (Also known as WWF) was established 1961, which was before WWWF shortened their name to WWF in 1979. So even though "the company WWE" existed before the World Wildlife Foundation, it changed its name to the World Wildlife Foundation's initials "WWF". So in 2002, the World Wildlife Foundation decided to sue WWF, for the initials which forced the WWF to change its name and it was decided to be from there called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Basicly it went from WWWF to WWF to WWE. No WCW was involved in the process except the fact that WWF bought WCW out.

WWF - World Wrestling Federation. World Wildlife Foundation had already taken the name WWF, so they had to change to WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWF (World Wrestling Federation) had to change their company's name to WWE because WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) sued them for using the same initals, and WWE lost the case, thus changing their company's name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWF and WWE are the same company, but if you want to get technical it is both. His grandfather wrestled under the WWF and his father, and Two uncles wrestled under the WWE

WWF also stand for World Wildlife Federation. [if you like my answers watch my youtube videos, just type 521pinpin]

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