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I think there was a great deal of resentment toward the political party, the Conservatives, led by Churchill in 1945 but not pre war, that had got Britain into WW2. The Labour party came up with a succinct slogan which may have been part of the reasoning, perhaps particularly effective on the returning members of the armed forces: 'Cheer Winston:Vote Labour'. Personally Churchill was very popular, but the Labour victory was a landslide and brought about the 'Welfare State' largely due to the Beveridge report which established the NHS (The National health Service) which is the jewel in the crown of British social reform. Labour were unable to maintain their political power into the 1950s and remained in opposition until the Wilson administration of 1964 to 1970.

Also, voters trusted Labour to put the Beveridge Report into practice. Churchill said Britain was 'too poor' to set up a Welfare State yet and wasn't in favour of it. Despite Churchill's leadership during the war; many people remembered the Conservatives' failures during the 1930's (The Great Depression). Which is why Labour won with a massive majority of seats.

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Q: Why did Winston Churchill lose the 1945 election?
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