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Because the allies had defeated Germany and Japan was what was left. The end for Japan was inevitable but when Turman had the Atomic bomb dropped twice in a matter of days the Japanese realized it was over and they surrendered thus ending WWII. It had also been said that the Russians were getting close and the Japanese would rather surrender to the U.S. than the Russians because of the Russian's brutal oppresiveness which was later displayed in East Germany and Eastern Europe.
On June 6, 1944 they had the Great Crusade. (Americans.) They destroyed the "German War machine".

WWII in briefWorld War II consisted of forays into both Europe and the Asia-Pacific. On the European front, Germany was the main Axis power fighting against the various other nations (notably France, Britain and later, Russia). Following a string of victories, Germany perhaps made a grave tactical error in invading both Britain and Russia concurrently. The fierce defense put up by Britain, especially its Air Force, and the hostile winter conditions in Russia were instrumental in reducing German resources. With the German army gradually forced into retreat, Hitler and his wife committed suicide and the German army eventually surrendered.

However, WWII was not deemed to have ended yet.

On the Pacific side, Japan was moving south and taking over the colonial territories. Their bombing of Pearl Harbour brought America into the war. Subsequently, the resistence of guerrilla forces in the various Asian countries, along with increasing American opposition, Japan began on the road to defeat. The civilian bombing of two Japan cities - the infamous atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - were the final straw. The Japanese government surrendered soon after, and thus the war ended.
WWII ended because the Allies entered Berlin and Hitler killed himself. The war in the Pacific in WWII ended because the U.S. military dropped atomic bombs on Japan.
World War 2 ended because Adolf Hitler committed suicide after the combined forces had defeated his troops. He could not face being tried for all the atrocities he had committed.
Because when the united states dropped the Atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan the Japanese stopped fighting because the effects of the bomb were so horrible

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Q: Why did World War 2 end?
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