Why did Yugoslavia split?

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Because of the death of Yugoslavia's greatest general, Josip (Yosip) Broz Tito, in 1980. Yugoslavia was a conglomeration of five nations, four of which share a common language (Serbo-Croatian), two of which are primarily Catholic nations (Croatia and Slovenia), two of which are Orthodox Christian nations (Serbia and Montenegro) and one of which is multi faith (Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is partially Muslim and partially Orthodox). So, it broke up because it was a hodgepodge of nations.
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Where is Yugoslavia?

It does not exist any more. It is now divided itno Slovenia,Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and the FormerYugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

What was Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia was all Albanian land. It was taken by the Russians in favor of the serbs.

When was Yugoslavia created?

Answer . Yugoslavia was an artificial state created in 1918-1919 by merging large areas of Austria-Hungary with Serbia. As the various parts of the country were so different it had a rigidly centralized monarchic government.. During World War II the Nazis and Italians exploited widespread resent ( Full Answer )

Is Yugoslavia a country?

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was the former alliance of six BalkanStates: Croatia-Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republicof Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. The WWIIinvasion by Germany, the post war occupation by the USSR, internalconflict and sectarian violence resulted i ( Full Answer )

When did Yugoslavia disintegrate?

Answer . last time in 2003. when changed name into Serbia and Montenegro. But the fall of Yugoslavia started in early 1990ies

What is Yugoslavia today?

Yugoslavia broke into several banana republics: Serbia Montenegro Macedonia Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia Kosovo Slovenia

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What is Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia was a country that existed between 1918 and 1992. It wasa Slavic union of several republics that have since split intoseparate, independent countries. Yugoslavia was succeeded by Bosniaand Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia,and Slovenia.

What country is Yugoslavia in?

Yugoslavis was a country which existed until around 2003 when the final parts (Serbia and Montenegro) became independent.

What continent is Yugoslavia in?

Yugoslavia was a united country, but split into five separatecountries in 1992: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former YugoslavRepublic of Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia and Montenegro, and Slovenia.In 2006, Serbia and Montenegro split to form just Serbia andMontenegro. And in 2008, Kosovo declared inde ( Full Answer )

Where is Yugoslavia located?

Yugoslavia broke up in the 1990's following a harsh Civil War during the breakup of the Soviet Union. Today the states that make up the former Yugoslavia continue to fight with one another whilst the EU(European Union) continues to try to make peace in the area and incorporate them into the expandin ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Yugoslavia?

Nothing. Yugoslavia as a country hasn't exsisted for some time.. It is now the following states:. Bosnia and Herzegovina . Croatia . Montenegro . Republic of Macedonia . Serbia . partially recognized breakaway province of Kosovo . Slovenia . Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yu ( Full Answer )

Why did Yugoslavia split into two different countrys?

Yugoslavia split into 6 different countries (some might say 7 if Kosovo is included) - Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.\n. \nHowever by 2003 only Serbia and Montenegro remained part of Yugoslavia so technically it did 'split into two' when the countries both became indep ( Full Answer )

Why was Yugoslavia created?

because it was wanted to be a new thing so the citizens could enjoy their freedoms and liberties

What is Yugoslavia now?

After 1991, Yugoslavia divided in what are now 7 separeta Countries.. Serbia. Montenegro. Former Yugoslav Republic Macedonia. Kosovo. Bosnia and Hercegovina. Croatia. Slovenia

What does Yugoslavia mean?

Yugoslavia means 'Land of the Slavs'. It was a country inSoutheastern Europe from the end of World War I (1918) until thefall of communism and the Yugoslav Wars (1992). The modern daycountries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, the FormerYugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro, S ( Full Answer )

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What country is Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia as a country existed two times in history. Once after WW1 and second time after WW2.It stopped existing after Montenegro gained independence from Serbia in 2003.It consisted from 7 nations:Croatia,Serbia,Slovenia,Kosovo,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Macedonia and Montenegro.In the 91. four count ( Full Answer )

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What was the conflict of the Yugoslavia?

There were many conflicts, in summary the folling were the most significant:\n. \n1991 - 10 Day war in Slovenia (Yugoslavia tried to prevent Slovenia from leaving the union)\n. \n1991 to 1994 Croatian War. What was left of Yugoslavia tried to prevent Croatia from leaving and tried to secure areas ( Full Answer )

What is a description of Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia no longer exists and now it is the countries of: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.\n. \nYugoslavia was often described using the following statement or similar:\n. \n7 borders, 6 republics, 5 nationalities, 4 languages, 3 religions, 2 alphabets and ( Full Answer )

Which continent is Yugoslavia from?

Yugoslavia is a former country in southeast Europe. It has been divided into the six countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Yugoslavia no longer exists.

Why did Yugoslavia divide?

Yugoslavia was a mix of many different ethnicities, languages, religions and cultures. The only things that kept them united was the post-war leader Josip Broz Tito, political repression and communism. Tito died in the late 1980s and in 1989, communism collapsed in many other Eastern European countr ( Full Answer )

Where is Yugoslavia on the map?

Yugoslavia no longer exists. Yugoslavia started to break up in 1991and the following countries now exist where Yugoslavia once was:Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Hercegovina, Montenegro and theFormer Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The Serbian provinceof Kosovo declared independence in 20 ( Full Answer )

What is the religion of Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia consisted of 6 republics: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro. Serbs, Macedonians and people of Montenegro are Orthodoyes. Croats, Slovenians are Chatolics. Population i Bosnia and Hercegovina is mostly Muslim.

What was the conflict in Yugoslavia?

Well if ur asking this q u need to get a life jk!!!!! the conflict was that most of Yugoslavia was destryed by bombs- Eli Dalton

How wealthy is Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia no longer exists. Between 1991 and 2006 it split up into many different countries. The following very roughly describes how wealthy the countries now are:\n. \nSlovenia - part of the EU, very wealthy with incomes like in Spain, Italy and western Europe\nCroatia - a wealthy country with ( Full Answer )

Where in the world is Yugoslavia?

It does not exist anymore. Newborn countries are : Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia. It is Europe.

What was the capital of Yugoslavia?

The capital of Yugoslavia was Belgrade. Yugoslavia no longer exists as a country. Belgrade is now thecapital of Serbia, one of 6 countries that were formed followingthe breakup of Yugoslavia in 1992. The countries derived from theformer Yugoslavia are: Bosnia whose capital in Sarajevo Croatia, capi ( Full Answer )

What is the Yugoslavia alphabet?

Yugoslavia no longer exists.\n. \nWhen the country existed there were about 6 national languages (depending on how you define a language) and 2 alphabets.\n. \nThe alphabets are the Latin Alphabet (as used in English: ABCD, etc.) and the Cyrillic Alphabet (like the alphabet used in Russia and Bulg ( Full Answer )

Why did Yugoslavia split into 6 countries?

Yugoslavia split into 6 countries due to the differnet ethnicities in the area that had very few feelings of unity (hostilities in fact stemming from centuries of conflict). . Furthermore Yugoslavia is an artificial construct, its borders were set due to ethnicity or natural boundries but rather ( Full Answer )

Is Yugoslavia unilingual?

No, there was a Serbocrotian language (spoken in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro), Slovenian language, and Macedonian language.

Who ruled Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia was created from parts of the Austro-Hungarian empire after WW1. From 1912 until his assassination in 1934, Yugoslavia was ruled by King Alexander I. He was succeeded by his eleven year old son Peter II and a regency council headed by his cousin Prince Paul. The monarchy was deposed by t ( Full Answer )

What is the climate Yugoslavia?

humid continental (four distinct seasons: long, cold winters and short, warm summers, and average precipitation varies

When did Yugoslavia apart?

When Josip Broz Tito, president of the communist country Yugoslavia died in 1980, conflict began. On June 25, 1991, Slovenia and Croatia departed from Yugoslavia, later on in the same year Macedonia departed. In 1992, Bosnia departed, but the war didnt end till 1995.

How did Yugoslavia recover?

It didn't. Even tho Yugoslavia was one of the most developed countries of the world, today, the countries that stand there were Yugoslavia once was, are one of the most poorest in the World.

Where is split?

Split, Croatia, is a seaport and tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea. It is the capital of the Split-Dalmatia County. Split's castle (Diocletian's Palace) was built in 305 AD. The city is on the site of a Greek city dating back to at least the 6th century BC. The city is known for its outstan ( Full Answer )

Why did Yugoslavia stop?

In 1991, Yugoslavia started breaking up into more and more countries as time went on. . During the 80's, Yugoslavia was dealing with economic and political problems. . They thought ethnic violence may start happening. . Serbia's power in the government in Belgrade treated Albanian protesters ver ( Full Answer )

Is Yugoslavia still Yugoslavia?

It split up into what is now known as Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Why did Yugoslavia change?

Because Josep Broz tito died in 1980 and basically after that the whole country went into downturn until 1991 when they were officially in war until 1995 (a HORRIBLE war). This was because of religious clashes. The serbs did not like the muslims so they basically wiped them out through genocide and ( Full Answer )

Why does Yugoslavia slipt?

Yugoslavia was once a huge country that was made out of 6 countries. Bosnia and Herzegovina wanted to be independent meaning they did not wish to be apart of Yugoslavia anymore. Serbia had heard of this and the leader of Serbia has sent out people to attack Bosnia so that this would not be able to h ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Yugoslavia?

There are hundreds of islands off the coast of the former Yugoslavia. I had the best "cream slices" in Lake Bled. There was only one golf course in Yugoslavia when we visited in the 1 980's. Dubrovnik is a beautiful old city. Religious pilgrims go to Medjugore

Is split Croatia in Yugoslavia?

Split is a city on Croatia's west coast. As of 8, October 1991, Croatia is an independent country and no longer a part of Yugoslavia.

How to do a split?

the best way to do your splits is to stretch every day and to drink healthy foods and lots of water.

What hemisphere is Yugoslavia in?

Yugoslavia no longer exists. It has split into several independent countries. The region that was Yugoslavia is in the Northern hemisphere and also in the Eastern hemisphere.

What neighbors Yugoslavia?

Before the breakup of the country, Yugoslavia was bordered byItaly, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Albania.