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The stripes were to identify Allied Aircraft to Allied Anti-Aircraft Units so that the aircraft carrying the Allied Airborne Forces would not be shot down by their own anti-aircraft units as they were at Sicily. The only Airborne operations between Sicily & Normandy was at Salerno. There the entire Fifth Army was simply ordered not to fire their weapons on a particular night. Richard V. Horrell WW 2 Connections


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The Allies used aircraft to bomb the beaches and ships to bombard them before the invasion. Their troops used many different rifles, machine guns, and tanks after the invasion.

Before the Mongol invasion, Chinese officials were selected through civil service exams. After the invasion, this system was eliminated.

He was Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Force in Western Europe, putting together the D-Day invasion of Europe

the life there was normal before the nazi invasion. they were allowed to practice their religion to their God before the nazi invasion.

The question as put is unanswerable. There was no "invasion" of Palestine.

In modern warfare, air superiority must be achieved before an invasion can succeed. In late summer 1940, the German Luftwaffe attempted to destroy Britain's air defences before they could execute Operation Sealion which was their proposed invasion plan. Their aircraft losses were so high that Hitler abandoned the plan and invaded Russia instead.

The Battle of Britain was a pre-cursor to Hitler's plan to invade Britain. Before the invasion could take place, the Royal Air Force planes and airfields had to be destroyed but the Luftwaffe were unable to do this. German aircraft losses were so high that Hitler abandoned his plans for an invasion.

On the flag there are 13 stripes. They are there to signify the 13 original colonies that where on the east coast before the American revolution.

After WWII, and before the invasion of Pearl Harbor the US committed to remain neutral toward conflicts in Europe because they want to be a peaceful nation. In addition, the American people have voiced there opinion asking the US to remain neutral on conflicts in Europe.

A "complex aircraft" is an aircraft which has a constant-speed propeller and/or retractable landing gear. The FAA requires pilots to attain the "complex aircraft" license endorsement before they are permitted to act as "Pilot in command" for such aircraft.

Allied aircraft attacked German targets before D-Day to keep German aircraft on the ground. The Luftwaffe was notable by its absence on the day.

the motive of the Normandy invasion was to liberate the french from the nazi Germans who had invaded years before

Europe was overpopulated before the "Black Death" had occurred.

The 13 stripes, on the American flag, represents the 13 colonies. The 13 colonies were what used to be America, before they became a country.

The D-Day invasion was over a year before Hiroshima.

Lend-Lease program ( the USA supplied equipment to Britain), D-Day (before that they took part in the Africa troops and in the invasion of Italy.

Landing craft, aircraft, tanks, and infantry. The same equipment used to fight Germany in Europe before D-Day, was used during D-Day.

On the day before the invasion.

I must stabilize this aircraft before it disintegrates.

The Netherlands had a long tradition of religious toleration, and before the Nazi invasion (May 1940) the Jews led normal lives.

They were extremely fit and could cover many miles by foot before needing rest

The Wright brothers were interested in bicycles before aircraft.

England (Britain) is an island, so before invention of aircraft a natural way of transporting goods and people was navigation, sea transportation.

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