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Ancient Egyptians believed that after death a person would go through a transformation to a better life after death. After the embalming which took about 70 days the Opening of the Mouth ceremony was performed giving the body the ability to speak and eat again. For this reason they would need food for their journey. There were also many other items that would be needed in the next life that were put into the mausoleums of the wealthy Egyptians and Royalty.

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What does a pyramid of biomass represent?

its the amount of food consumed by mummys at Egypt

What is similar between ancient Egypt and ancient Greece Food?

They are both ancient and they are both food

How long have cats been living with humans?

Probably before ancient Egyptian times because the ancient egyptians used to use cats for mummys, food. etc

What type of food did the Nobleman of Egypt wear?

Nobles in Ancient Egypt did not wear food; they ate it.

What did they trade in ancient Egypt?

They traded scrolls, food and other items that were used in the Ancient Egypt time.

What is the food and drinks they had in ancient Egypt?


WHo made the ancient Egypt queens food?


What important food is most scarce in your world?

Food from ancient egypt

What food did nobles in ancient Egypt eat?


What was the main food in ancient Egypt?

The harvest of crops.

How did ancient Egypt use animals?

As food, or producers

How does ancient Egypt eat?

they put food in their mouth

Why were beasts slaughterer in ancient Egypt?

For food and sacrifices.

What types of food do they have in ancient Egypt?

They had wheat and barley first.

Why was the Nile river important to the development of ancient Egypt?


What were the principal food crops in ancient Egypt?

Cotton was one of them.

Did workers in ancient Egypt get paid?

Yes, but in food and goods.

Did peasants in Ancient Egypt get paid?

Yes, peasants in Ancient Egypt did get paid, but in grain of course there was no monitary system back then so they used food.

Why is the nile river helpful to ancient egypt?

The nile river was helpful to ancient Egypt because that's where they got their food and water. Hope this helped(:

Where did ancient Greece import food from?

I believe from Egypt and Near East

Why were peasants important in Ancient Egypt?

they grow crops and hunted for food .

How did women spent their free time in ancient Egypt?

they ate food

Did they get foods from deserts in ancient Egypt?

Well, you see Egypt was not a desert back then, so thats how they got food

Why is the Nile important in ancient Egypt?

It provides the people of Egypt with water and food, and in the days of ancient Egypt, it was an important source of life, because it gave water for drinking and farming, and it provided fish to eat.

What kind of food did Ancient Egypt have?

they eat lots of fruit, desserts and water