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One reason why recreational activities, such as Baseball, flourished during the twenties is simple Economics. Since the upper and middle class were doing well financially, people had disposable incomes. The extra money made it possible for people to spend it on baseball and "fun," whereas before the financial windfall of the twenties people would spend all of their money on necessities like food, housing, etc. It is because people in the twenties were open to new ideas and wanted to do different things

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What are the top five recreational activities?

Recreational activities will vary depending on location, type of vacation or place, and time of year. For instance, top recreational activities at a beach during the summer might include swimming, paddle boarding, surfboarding, and boating. However, a winter ski trip might list downhill skiing, cross country, tubing, ice skating, and other winter activities as being the most popular.

When did universities first flourish in Europe?

Universities started to flourish during the Renaissance.

When and where did alchemists flourish?

In Europe during the Middle Ages.

What was Kraft durch freuds purpose?

To provide recreational activities for the German people during the Nazi period. Kraft durch Freude means "strength through joy" in German.

What is the Hoover Dam made for?

It was a public works project created to proviide flood control, municipal water, irrigation, hydroelectric power and recreational activities during the Great Depression.

When did the Greek civilization flourish?

The Greek civilization flourished during the 5th to 4th centuries BC. The civilization began to flourish on the islands of the Aegean Sea.

In which dynasty did Chinese astrology flourish the most?

Chinese astrology came to flourish during the Han Dynasty, from the 2nd century BC to the 2nd century AD having been elaborated during the Zhou Dynasty.

What recreational activities are available when visiting clearwater beach?

There are several recreational activities available at clear water beach. It has permanently established volley ball areas. It also has Pier 60 for doing activities during the day and evenings. You can do fishing, just bring your own fishing gear or rent it from on-pier bait shop. It also has a Sunset Cinema which shows movies each Friday and Saturday. Children can have fun at children's playground. Just across the beach there is Clear water Municipal Marina offering variety of activities for the whole family.

What activities can university students with no summer jobs can do during their summer break?

Students during the summer may do summer recreational activities, take up new hobbies and develop new interests, travel, and many other things. Many counties have their county fair or carnival which gives the opportunity for students to congregate before school starts.

What activities did Andrew Johnson do during president?

nascar, baseball, advertized for nike hoola hooped and dunk on jordon

What Texas cities offer the best recreational activities for summer family vacations?

Dallas and Houston offer the best recreational activities for summer family vacations because there are many options for a family to participate in all summer long. Texas has many cities that offer exciting family vacation spots. El Paso, Austin, and the Gulf Coast areas all offer nice vacation spots for families during the summer.

During which age did the Harappan civilization flourish?

The Harappan Civilization or Indus Valley Civilization flourished during the Bronze Age.

How do you define a vacation?

A vacation is an extended period of leisure granted to an employee in which he or she may rest, engage in recreational activities, or travel. A vacation is also a period of leisure, especially during the summer, in which students are not obligated to study and do homework.

What are the human activities during night?

There are some human activities during the night. The human activities are sleeping, eating, drinking, washing dishes, and some other human activities.

Why did Indian culture flourish during the Gupta Empire?

The Indian culture flourished during the Gupta Empire through Indian trade.

Is gorp another word for peanut?

No, it is a made up word for 'trail food' commonly consumed during outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, and camping. I belive it stands for Good Old Raisins and Peanuts - GORP

What is the top recreational activity in Utah?

Skiing during the winter... Moutain trail hiking during the warmer months.

What are the recreational plays during the spanish period?

whta is the recrational play performed by the filipinos during spanish period

Did the settlement of Mexico city flourish?

Considering during pre-Columbian times it reached a population of over 100,000 -200,000 and nowadays it is a city of over 21.16 million inhabitants... yes, you can say it did flourish.

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