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Q: Why did belly dancing begin?
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Related questions

Where did belly dancing originated?

Belly Dancing comes from India

Where was belly dancing created?

Belly Dancing was originally from Turkey

Who created belly dancing?

the Indians created the belly dancing

What is belly dancing called in Arabic?

الرقص الشرقي = Belly Dancing

What is belly dancing?

Belly dancing is also known as Middle Eastern dance. It is a exotic dance using your belly

Do Mexican people do belly dancing?

Belly Dancing is not the native dance form of indigenous Mexican people, but if they want to, they can learn and practice belly dancing. Shakira Lebanese roots and belly dancing is widely popular in Lebanon which is why she dances it.

Is belly dancing a good work out?

Yes Belly Dancing is a good work out if you do it right :)

Where can one purchase a belly chain for belly dancing?

Belly chains or body chains can be bought easily over the internet. There are a number of online vendors that offer them for sale; a good place to begin your search would be Amazon.

Where did belly dancing start?

The origins of belly dancing are unclear, however the art has a long history in the Middle East. Belly dancing may also have origins in Asia Minor and Spain.

What music is used for belly dancing?

The music often used for belly dancing is traditional Middle Eastern music. You can however use any music of your choosing depending on the type of belly dancing you want to do such as stretching, aerobic dancing, or even meditation.

Can belly dancing burn belly fat?

Yes it can!

How can belly dancing be healthy?

your belly gets exercise :] this is funny

Does belly dancing cause stretch marks?

No, belly dancing does not cause stretch marks. If anything, doing exercises such as belly dancing will help prevent stretch marks by strengthening the skin or at least slightly diminishing existing marks.

What did the ancient Indians do for entertainment?

they did belly dancing and bollywood dancing

What kind of fabric is best for belly dancing?

Calico, chiffon and metallic these fabrics are popular and best for belly dancing.

Where can you get belly dancing lessons in ny?

You can go to and ask around. If you need a belly dancing scarf. check out good luck

Who invented belly dancing?


Is belly dancing from India?


What are the dances in Chad?

belly dancing

When did Ballroom dancing begin?

when did ballroom dancing begin\\

Where can one find a tutorial for a belly dance?

Belly dancing classes are available in Winnipeg at "Au Set". Au Set is a clothing boutique and custom clothing store that also hosts belly dancing classes.

What website can you use to learn belly dancing?

there are a lot of website where u can learn belly dancing..........well my suggestion will be downloading a belly dance video from Youtube..just so to WWW.Youtube .Com and type belly dance for begginers there are amazing videos waiting for you

What is Shakira famous for?

belly dancing and singing

How did Shakira get into dance?

Aparently as a young child when music would start shed just begin dancing. its something shes loved all her like. her grandmother taught her lebanese belly dancing to hope she wouldn't let go of her lebanese roots.

Where can one view Shakira belly dancing?

Videos of Shakira performing belly dancing moves are available in a surprising number on YouTube. They can also be viewed on the website The Belly Dancers TV, DailyMotion and Clip (dot) DJ.