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Why did chistian go TNA?

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Christian or Christian Cage as he is now known, Claimed to have come to TNA to see Wrestling "recreated". This however, in my opinion, isn't true, I believe he went to TNA for two reasons, these reasons are as follows: 1. He wanted to be the first to go to TNA from WWE without being fired 2. He had a NWA world championship title match in his new contract in TNA

Hopefully this will help you understand why he went. Quote the Callum, Nevermore.

July 16, 2008

And you would be wrong on your reasons. The reason he went is because his contract with WWE was up and with TNA he has a lighter schedule and that lets him spend a little more time at home, he needed a break from traveling full time and we will see him back in WWE at some point. And also he was not the first to go to TNA that wasn't fired. Angle was not fired, he asked to be resealsed from his contract

2011-09-13 22:47:09
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Q: Why did chistian go TNA?
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