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i dont no im just 14 and was wanderinfg what communism exactly was

because i have to find out 4 history homework

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What is .communism?

A political ideology

The Soviet Union's political ideology?


What political ideology did Stalin follow?


What political ideology did Chinese peasants adopt in the 1920s?


Communism is an example of a?

A political ideology or a form of economy

What is the difference between marxism and communism?

What is the difference between Marxism and Communism?· Marxism is basically a system of analysis, and a way to view the world. Communism, on the other hand, is basically a political movement, a form of government, a condition of society.· Marxism is the theory and Communism is the practical implementation of Marxism.· While Marxism is a political ideology based on Karl Marx's ideas, communism can be called as a political system, which is based on Marxist ideology.The Marxist ideology is to prepare the society for communism.

What makes political different from democracy?

Some other types of political ideology are; Dictatorship Monarchy Communism Fascism Theocracy Aristocracy

Who is Karl marx and what did he do?

Karl Marx and his associate Friederich Engels developed the political ideology known as Communism.

Can there be Communism in the US?

Communism is merely a political ideology. Of course it can exist and it probably already does. Just look at the American Communist Party:

Who is the current leader of communism?

There is no leader of communism its a political ideology. Communist nations have leaders: Cuba is led by Raul Castro and North Korea by Kim Jung Un

Fascism is a political ideology that became popular in certain countries following World War 1 and was a response to fear of?


What are the advantages of communist government?

So far history has shown that communism has no advantages as a basis of a government. The ideology of communism has been discounted as part of the trash bin of history by most political/philosophical and economic authorities on communism.

What is the definition of political ideology?

Political ideology is a body of thought that defines how and why governments behave or define the way political scientists and others believe they should operate. For example, Karl Marx created a political ideology that when combined by his ideas on economics was the basis of obtaining the goal of communism. Before the end result could be reached, Marx outlined the why and how this system was a scientific reality. Only time and certain events stood in the way of his ideology and those roadblocks would, based on his ieas on history were necessary and be changed.

What is the world's most powerful ideology?


Which ideology did Karl Marx favor?


What are the main themes in George Orwell's animal farm?

Political ideology / Communism and example is 'man is the only enemy we have' 'All animals are equal'

Which was first communism or marxism. Was communism conceived from marx's ideas or was it the other way rround?

"Marxism" neither precedes nor succeeds communism, since they are two different concepts. Marxism is an ideology based on all of the theories of Karl Marx. Communism is an economic and political system. According to Karl Marx, socialism precedes and eventually evolves into communism. The idea that socialism will evolve into communism is only one of the aspects of the ideology known as Marxism. There are many more aspects to "Marxism" than just socialism and communism.

What are the differences of communism as an ideology and communism as a label for the type of government in the Soviet Union?


What is the ideology of the colossus of Nero?

The ideology of the colossus of Nero is the Augustan political ideology.

What was the political ideology of Hirohito?

Hirohito was a monarch, and his ideology was such.

What was the ideology of the Cold War?

Capitalism vs. Communism.

What ideology influenced the 1917 Russian Revolution?


9 Which ideology did Karl Marx favor?


A political ideology of a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism?

What political ideology of a gradual transition from a capitalism to socialism

How is ideology of capitalism different from communism?

I love you is not the right answer for this question