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Animals walk on four legs because it is more stable than walking on two legs. Dinosaurs were very large, and it would have taken a lot of energy for them to walk on two legs. The ones who did walk on two legs were usually predators (like Tyrannosaurus rex or velociraptor) because they could get more energy from eating other animals than from eating plants.

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Q: Why did dinosaur walk on four legs?
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How did dinosaur walk 2or4legs slow or fast locomotion?

Hadrosaurs and Iguanodon could walk on either two or four legs. They probably used four legs most of the time, but they could run on two legs.

What dinosaur walked on two and four legs?

Hadrosaurs and Iguanodonts are both known to have walked on four legs. However, they could stand, walk, or run on two legs when it was useful.

How many legs does a dinosaur have?

four legs

What words means walk on 4 legs if you are a dinosaur?

Quadrupedal. And it means walking on four legs whether you're a dinosaur, a dog, or a gecko. Quadrupedal is the Latin... the Greek equivalent is Tetrapodal. Both mean four-footed, and both are used to describe animals that move on four limbs.

How much legs can a dinasor have?

How "many" legs can a dinosaur have - two to four legs

Why do triceratops walk on four legs?

Triceratops are very large dinosaurs that had trouble lifting their body weight. Because of natural selection the dinosaur adapted to walking on four of it's legs instead of two.

What word means to walk on 2 legs if you are a dinosaur?


What is the name of dinosaurs that walk on all four legs?

Bronasaurus, or long neck.The most common called name for that dinosaur is long neck.

Do bears walk on two or four legs?

They can walk on two or four legs. If they are running, they typically run on 4 legs.

Do Gorillas walk on two legs?

They can but they typically walk on four legs.

Do koalas walk on 2 legs?

No. Koalas walk on four legs.

How do tortoises move?

Tortoises have four legs that they walk with.