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Montana is a state filled with busy hard working people who do not have a lot of money typically. There is a feeling that voting Democrat will help the everyday hardworking individual to best be heard.

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Q: Why did early Montanans usually vote for Democrats?
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Yes. Union members traditionally vote for Democrats. A notable exception is law enforcement unions, which usually vote for Replublicans. Of course, this is a generalization.

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Intelligent people.

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There are Democrats who tend to be more conservative, but most likely they would vote Republican.

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Could it be that the percent of Democrats in Churches are approximately the same as percent of Democrats (Christian + non Christian) registered to vote (and voting in typical National election)?

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Can you leave work early to vote and get paid?

Can you leave work early to vote and still get paid?

What is different about Democrats and republicans?

Party discipline.Republicans are extremely disciplined: when the party decides on something (one of its policies, or the way to vote on a bill) all the Republicans support it.Democrats you can't figure out. Mark Twain said he didn't belong to an organized political party, he was a Democrat. What he meant was, Democrats tend to vote their own consciences. We have pro-life and pro-choice Democrats, pro-bigger-military and pro-smaller military Democrats, pro-immigration and anti-immigration Democrats...

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If you mean: was the voting not connected to any political parties, the answer is: no, it wasn't. Political parties like the Democrats and the Republicans only came into being several decades later.

What are the major ideologies of the Republican Party?

democrats brought a porchmonkey into our presidency, vote Republican!